Come Back In!


I want Jesus to come back soon; I really do. I have to be honest; I said I would.  I have never been so tired in all of my life.  So much has happened in the past couple years; I’ve been pressed out of measure, more than I ever thought I could be.  Sickness, heartbreak, so much disappointment and a whole lot of suffering.  But don’t pity me; as we once said, in the old days, I covet your prayers.  I don’t even know if that expression is a correct one; all I know, is that is what we often said.

But this is not about me.  it’s about the title of this note.

I heard someone mention this a few weeks back; do you remember that old song, “Wait a little longer, please Jesus”?   A few more days, to get our loved ones in.  My, what wonderful pieces were written in those days.  But do we fully realize in these days, that so many are still wandering lost.  There are those who were once among us, who got lost along the way.  They got hurt, maybe they failed somehow or even maybe, they got pushed out.  It does not matter to me now; the truth is, I no longer care about what a lot of people think anymore.  The days are too tragic, there’s more trouble now, than we have ever known before; too much sickness, and suffering and loss.

Believe what you want; throw all the darts you want at people and carry on in what ever manner you choose.  But I can assure you, less and less folk are caring about what you’re saying.  Let me tell you something; people’s lives are still broken all to pieces.  They are losing their homes, their jobs, their families and everything that ever meant anything to them.  There are those who have never gotten over what happened in their lives; they were so abused and misused as little children, they’ve lived battered ever since.  And those who claim so much, are doing nothing for them.  They are not healing anyone, they are not restoring anyone and couldn’t care less.

I wish for one moment, God would open our eyes to see the suffering and sadness people are going through in this world.  If we have any vision left.

My heart won’t let me stop trying.  I don’t care how tired or weary I might get.  I can’t shrug off my burden.  People feel they have been out of God’s fold for so long now; they don’t think they can ever again find rest and any kind of peace.

Satan and his gang, and a whole lot of self-righteous others, have no intention or desire to help these people.  The song I wrote, was about people coming back to the church as I knew it at the time.  But today, I realize now, it was not about some building or some organization.  It was about the real sheep-fold of Jesus Christ; where there is love, and peace, and forgiveness and the restoring of broken pieces.  Real people of God.

The day’s all gone; and the night is on us.  I cry for them; this morning, I reach for them anew.  I want to get out of the circle of complacency, and go out and search for those lost lambs, just as the true shepherd did, and told all of us to do.  I have a message for them.  You didn’t lose everything.  What God gives, no man can take away.

There’s very little that God cannot forgive; let others hold on to their grudges, their envies and all of the other things that pushed people away.  Let them be.  No matter how hurt you may be, you can still reach out to someone else who’s been down your road.  It’s a different day today.  Jesus is searching out every last soul He can find; and you and I can help Him.  We don’t have to go to the elder brother’s house today.  We can go to the Father’s House.  Come back in.  And let’s go home together.  If we hurry, we can still find some others to go with us.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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