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  1. Ephesians 6:12 Amp 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places. Paul then gives the Ephesians the weapons necessary to fight this war, it is up to us to give ourselves over to the word of God letting it be the final authority in every situation. Nobody is exempt from listening and heeding God’s word, yes temptation comes but greater is He than any temptation you must let this be true so you don t wrestle with problems yourself. As you develop so does your understanding of God s word you will see things that others don t that is the design of the Bible it is written in a particular way that things are hidden that requires you to spend time in prayer and meditation till the revelation comes which produces spiritual strength

  2. reply to uhhh A certain man had two sons is what this parable is about another parable with 2 sons talks about working in a vineyard Mat 21 both by the same teacher. Deciding what the word son implies in these teachings is helpful. Leaving 99 just who don t need repentance and goes after one who is lost. Think about this who does not need repentance every hour of every day. The son and the fold take on a different context than Jesus in a church house. The prodigal son is one who God has given life John 1 9 and He is spending it as he sees fit and comes to his end, Paul speaking on Mars hill Act 17 28 calls pagans the offspring of God or prodigal sons. This teaching keeps going into the unjust steward who was using his stewardship to enslave people with debt but had a change of mind when his job was going to be gone (priesthood tithe) and took hold on his master’s goods and began relieving people of there owed debts again the gospel of Jesus

    • Dear Mhhh and Jay: to both of you dear people.
      I know you are discoursing back and forth.
      Just lets don’t lose our true
      focus please.
      Here is a suggestion. There is someone on the thread here that is really crying out for help. “whywasiborn”
      Lets try to give them a reason. God is interesting in us reaching them. God bless you both.

      • Dear Joyce – thank you. You are right and I apologise. I was going to say we seem to have distracted away from the focus on the prodigals. That was not my intention. I too am really struggling, having just lost an elderly friend who I was unable to visit during lockdown and later was afraid because of ‘injection mandates’. I have been almost totally isolated since lockdown in March 2020 after a bereavement of someone I cared for a number of years. I too remember days when the true gospel was preached and true fellowship. Now the church doesn’t want to meet to pray together, and I am treated as odd because I believe that we should. I have a funeral next week. Last time I visited that church, the people I used to pray with physically recoiled from me because I can’t have ‘the intervention’. Is 50:10

        • Mhhh thank you for your reply. I receive and my deepest condolences in the loss of your friend.
          It seems you take a stand in what you believe at a great cost to you.
          I lift your hands up in prayer right now!
          You said an awful lot and it so sad! Churches being afraid to meet! It breaks our heart I know.
          Still I pray for you fellowship with some like minded Christians. Thank you sweet lady and God bless you.
          By the way, I didn’t take the intervention shot either. God is keeping me.

  3. reply to mhhh The good news of the gospel is that all have been called to be reconciled to God, not all elect to accept this call because of the rock of stumbling. The king that the law-abiding Jewish people were looking for was not Jesus so they cling to Moses and the law. The book of Hebrews to Hebrews goes to great lengths to prove who Jesus is and how His priesthood works even though He is not a Levite. Jesus is the eldest Son of God the firstborn through faith from the dead and the inheritance all goes to Him, just like Abrahams’s firstborn through faith Isaac. The elder son in the prodigal teaching could inherit all if he would walk through the door of repentance and accept the one who has inherited everything

    • I am obviously too simplistic in my reading.  The parable is called the prodigal son. It follows on from the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin. These parables all show the heart and grace of God toward the lost – the prodigals. Despite the fact that the son wished his father dead and squandered his inheritance, the father still loved him and welcomed him back as a son.
      I have noticed a tendency to interpret the parable to say that the older son is cut off in favour of the younger son, when this is not what the parable says. In my understanding of the law and customs, the elder son in the parable WILL inherit everything, after the father dies. Although, the younger is greeted back as a son, he has already spent his inheritance has he not? After the celebration is over, he will have to get stuck in and work in the ‘family business’. 
      There is a tendency for people in ‘charismatic circles’ to say that people in more ‘traditional’ churches are like the elder brother, calling them ‘legalistic’ and not true believers.  We should be very careful in judging the faith of others.  We also have to be careful that we do not give the impression that grace is an excuse for continuing in sin (Rom 6:1).

  4. Thank you both Mhhh and Jay for coming by and commenting.
    There is so much more depth on the Prodigal Son and his brother.
    It maybe I write a 2nd article soon so we can delve in scriptures more. God bless you both

  5. I’ve had a really hard day. Many important documents lost in the mail. I will likely never see them again. So much trouble to replace. Trouble with husband and kids. I have cried so much. Thank you for reminders to keep my eyes on the Lord and trust He will help me through all struggles. I am SO WEARY. I wish my time on this planet was ended already.

    • Your post really touched my heart. You are sure welcome.

      At the risk of sounding cliche, there is an old song “I was Born to Serve the Lord”

      There is a reason for you to be on earth and Jesus loves you very much!

      Praying right now for a turnaround that the lost documents will be found!

      Also as you turn to the Lord, you will find much needed atrength. Just place all situations in the hands of the Lord. 

      My prayers are with you. God bless you.

    • I would like to say I have been where you are I have lost documents I’ve had fights with my wife now ex-wife I have problems with my kids at times. But it’s in those times that I have found that God is a great big loving God! He’s the God on the mountains and he’s the God in the valleys. And whenever we’re riding high and everything is going good we feel great. But down in the valleys when everything is going wrong I promise you it only strengthens you. I’ve asked the question many a time why was I born and the answer to this question is it so that I can reach out to other people that are going through similar situation. I have been through a lot of frustration I’ve been through a lot of hurt but all of that just strengthened me. So let me be an encouragement to you today Jesus said the road that we walk on is rough but it’s worth it. Fight the good faith keep your eyes on Jesus and let the world just do what it’s going to do.

      • Amen, Jon what a powerful response. You were born for such a time as this to help many.

        So glad to call you my spiritual son in the Lord. Keep growing in the Lord.

        Much love and prayers, Mama Joyce

  6. And yet the father in the parable says to the elder son, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. 32 It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.’
    The elder son, is a beloved son too and is affirmed. I don’t think it is right to say otherwise.

  7. The prodigal Son repents I have sinned against Heaven and you Father I am not worthy to be called your son! The only way you repent in the New testament is to accept the sacrifice offered which is Jesus Christ. When this repentance takes place notice the Fathers response you are brought back into the family, however the elder son the old testament law and all the people who think they need no repentance the Father goes out personally to try to convince them to come into His presence through the open door which again is Jesus Christ which seems to create a rebellious attitude where the son says that He never transgressed any of the Fathers commands yet we know by the parable this is not true because he was bid to come in and would not (serving the Law not the Love of God)

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