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  1. Let us pray. Dear Heavenly Father, we give thanks for your son and Honor his name, Our Lord Jesus. Who laid down his life so we could recieve the righteousness he deserved and gain victory over snares set by the enemy. He is our provision, our exceedingly great reward! O Lord Our Father, many of is our struggling with fear, discouragement, condemnation, and even frustration. Refresh us with your unfailing love, send your gentle touch to set us back on track. O Lord we don’t desire behavior modification but total life transformation. No more visitation but habitation! We have stubbornly chose our own paths but know though we walk through the shadow of death you are still with us! But now we need a miracle to be restored and desire your compassion. Please let us not be swallowed up by our enemies but Arise and restore. Those with struggles those whose children have been ripped from then by the enemy, those who are suffering from broken hearts, those who are struggling with sin, those who feel they are in the midst of losing battles where justice has been denied them, I pray Dear Father you would answer their cries of distress and, restore, and ressurect, and give new life to broken lives, broken situations, let your oil of joy Our Holy Spirit flow over and though us! Release us from shackles of pain, disappointment, our past! Give us new life! We thank you we qualify for all these blessings because of the perfect work of Christ. As He is so are we in this world. His resurrection is our divine receipt that we are more than conquerors! That through Christ, we are heirs and recipients of all the promises, because we believed God’s Good News! We believe in Christ and what he did on the Cross! That we are forever forgiven and set free by His blood! Praise Our Lord Jesus! Amen.

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