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  1. About the planes, the war planes, the carrier planes:
    Many know that I am since 2009 in contact with an US Army fighterjet pilot, later he flew freight carrier planes as a Captain. I do not repeat this for own reasons. He flew until his retirement a few months ago not only materials, but thousands of soldiers around the globe.
    I NEVER shared military secrets. And I never will do. Telling just about the job is no secret. Many pilots are on this planet, and people know their tasks, their work and workplaces. The biggest reason I love this man is, that he is a serious trained and ordained pastor, a godly man of integrity. When you in such a connection, you have FBI and others around. This I only write (a last time) to confirm Sherrys article. Stay blessed, and through God`s Holy Spirit we are let in touch. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD !

  2. Very good insight, dear sister. After 2 weekends of work I have 4 free days. Thankful I share that I had good sleep until 2 PM today after all. I never wanted to dig deeper in satans schemes and power. You are absolutely right – ancient spirits and strongholds are acting deep inside many modern Christians. They believe in everything, here a bit, there a bit. Public newspapers daily now tell that Bible believers are fundamentalists and gay marriage, just one example, must be allowed and Jesus would surely agree. They totally disgrace and misinterprete the Holy Scriptures of GOD. When you dare to speak a few of the Scriptures, the gossip increases and the messanger gets attacked. When you go out and leave, for sure with bleeding heart and wounded like only a true believer can understand, so they mock him or her for being not compatible or even more worse.
    Thank you all for fighting the GOOD fight. Many throughout history lost their lives for JESUS and for HIS FATHER and the one true KINGDOM. No matter what the future holds: I gave and I did my best for Him. I hope and I believe that heaven will rejoice when I am coming home. My son still needs his mom, as every child is glad to have a mom, no matter if the child is 1, 20 or 70.
    Sent with love, from our beautiful balcony. Clouds show many lions today. Maybe I set a picture to google+ later today.
    Happy 4th of July tomorrow to my American brothers and sisters !

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