I was watching a report on a horrendous crime that had been committed, somewhere north of here.  It showed the person on trial, glancing around at the people in the courtroom.  One of the observers, made a comment that leaped out at me.  He said that this persons eyes, were so black; that pure evil shone out of them.  And it was true; you could see it, even from a distance.

Someone, has created a clever distraction.  People are so involved in what is in their hand, they’re not paying attention.  Many will get offended about this next comment.  Even in church services, the stage all looks the same; so much technology on display, so that when you first look at it, your attention is drawn to the screens first.  If you are watching a certain speaker you think you would like to hear, or something someone suggests to you, it’s hard to focus on what the person is saying, because of all of this. It’s all, deliberate.

Whether those distracted want to hear it or not, evil is even more rampant, than we here have ever known.  I noted that on the local news program, it shows people walking into shops, banks and even certain break-ins; fully aware, that the cameras are rolling.  It is as if they don’t care if anyone sees them; and they don’t.  Our freedom has dwindled away so quickly; and it was done a long time before we even realized it.  But we fight on, over our politics.

I know what I saw in the eyes of that man on trial; it was nothing but absolute demonic possession.  We are so sure the terrible, evil things on the other side of the world, won’t come here.  Either we do not know, or we do not remember, that God is watching how we respond, to those giving their lives for their faith.  The love of many, is waxing even colder; they spurn the idea that tribulation and the hand of destruction, is so very near.  I heard a commentator also say, that people here, go right on, like our ease, will last forever.

The terrible and wicked things we see occurring all over the world, are strongholds.  It’s principalities and powers; spiritual wickedness in high places.  We are looking with the wrong eye.  Something has us so busy, so unconcerned, so sated, it’s like we have not even remembered some things we were taught, a long way back now.  The Crossroads.  Will we allow the Spirit, to bring these things back to our remembrance.

We were told about this time; now, it is here.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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