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  1. This new biblical year coming next month, I mean from the month of Abib/Nisan is the year of decree. We have been commanded to make decrees in this coming year and YAH will establish them. So I decree that no weapon formed against me and my loved ones shall prosper in his name Yahushua hamashiach I decree Amen.

  2. Thank you June for communicating with Papa & sharing His desire for all of His Kingdom kids.
    Moses said, “if your presence doesn’t go with us, we will not go.”
    I’m ALL in….

  3. Trust the one who stood before the Father and claimed your sin as his own and suffered the consequences that should have fallen on you. The Son bought you at a great price. The cross speaks a better word into your life than the narrative you spin yourself. Trust the Son. He has earned Trust. Love the Son. He has earned your Love. Become united to his Life and walk in his Way taking up the light burdened Cross he asks you to carry. For all of his followers must take this cross upon their shoulders or they walk falsely and the Love of God is not in them. Through his work at the Cross, you are made One with him, and through him, One with his Father and Spirit. It is this Oneness that tells the world that the Father is the one who sent his Son. Before you ever speak a word, your hearer has already decided if they will accept what you are about to say. The Word was with God the Father before creation. Let the Word dwell within you, and your words that he speaks through you will bring about “His will be done in the Earth as it is done in Heaven”. Every king must have a throne. And through his throne the kingdom endures. The Kingdom of Heaven advances when his people that are called for his purpose enthrone him within their own souls.

  4. “And you shall know I AM The Lord,.for none who wait for Me shall be ashamed”,,(disappointed) _Isaiah 49:23 are you waiting,.as i have been? Holdfast to His Words,.Promises!
    Speak The Word, declare,.Give Thanks,.see The manifestation!
    I had fainted,.unless i had believed,.to see the goodness of the Lord!

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