Disasters set to fall on America

Reproduced with kind permission from Tina M Moore of Tina Brown Moore Ministries


Yesterday when i logged on to Facebook, I felt something in my spirit.  I didn’t want to post it, however, if I don’t, I will held accountable….

But what had dropped in my spirit was for the East Coast.  I am seeing massive storms for the East Coast, I am seeing more military base’s trouble, shooting/killing’s, now this is not only for the East Coast.

I am see widespread diseases on the rise, those that will not respond/ or are resistant medication.

I am hearing the word “invasion,” military troops.

I want to speak to those in the Carolina’s, and Florida… Prepare your emergency bags….

And for Chicago, and Georgia….. I am seeing an even lager scale of killing’s of babies and young children….

I am seeing a drought in the Midwest, California, Florida….

I am hearing the cries of mother’s across this nation!

I am seeing something so disturbing…. But I will not say…..  But I will say, pray for our young men, young boys………

I am seeing another major earthquake, and volcanic eruption.

I see water, flooding partly covering cars, coming up to the doors of homes, and into their homes…

I see more and more sinkholes, massive sinkholes….  Electrical grid going down, causing blackouts to whole cities, neighborhood’s, street’s….

I am see a lightening storm…..

I am hearing the words “church fire.”

I am also seeing something to do with a “dump,” a waste site….. Trash yard….. Then I see something totally separate….  I see bodies being pulled out of the rubble, heaps of bodies……

Pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers, and evangelists…. God is saying:  Order!!  Correction!!!!  Rebuke!!!!   Is the word for this season!!!

Speak it how He gives it to you to speak!!!   God is still requiring holiness!!!!!


Tine M MooreReproduced with kind permission from Tina M Moore of Tina Brown Moore Ministries




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  1. In regards to ‘church fire’.
    I had a dream last month.  There was a fire in a church attic.  All of the flooring had to be replace because of the fire damage.  As the contractor was replacing the floor the building was sold.  (The contractor was in the contract of sale to finish the job).