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  1. Hello Veronika: I have felt the same way when I see something is on the floor and God tells me to pick it up and put it back on the shelf or hanger, I say to Him ..”but I didn’t throw it down” or whatever; again I go around counters and the voice of the Holy Spirit says :..”go back and pick it up “.  Until I obey there is no peace in my spirit. More and more I have been obeying His voice because like you say He knows..  ❤️

  2. Two for One is not an option for us is it Veronica?
    Our God is so precise.
    I need to pay back myself.
    Praise the. I Am.
    Russia needs to pay back what it has had an from Ukraine.

  3. Years ago I had bought some items in a Book and Bible Store. Driving home I kept thinking about the total price of the receipt. It didn’t seem high enough. Upon arriving home I checked off the items on my receipt and I discovered that I hadn’t paid for the new Bible I had purchased. I quickly wrote a letter and sent off a cheque to the store and explained that I hadn’t paid for the Bible. The lady from the store phoned me to thank me for being so honest. I said to her, “How can you steal a BIBLE????” And she said, “You would be surprised how many people steal from us. I was shocked. How can one justify stealing from God’s Store? I certainly couldn’t. I enjoyed many years reading my Bible and totally wore it out. I still have that old worn Bible. It is so precious to me. Thanks to the Lord for Holy Spirit conviction!

  4. What an open and honest post. I have done the same thing and was convicted to walk back into the store and pay for the item. I actually was unpacking my things at home once and found something I didn’t pay for. My thought was that it really didn’t matter and I would just keep it. It definitely wasn’t worth driving back to return. I felt horrible all that evening and the next morning. I then remembered the item. I drove back to the store to pay for it. The cashier was amazed that I had come in to do that. I told her how horrible I had been feeling and that once I was in the car on my way back to do what was right the “illness” lifted. Doing what God calls us to do and following his Word is so important in our lives. Thank you for this post!

  5. I’ve been there, done that with items I walked out the door with and discovered I hadn’t paid.  It isn’t the cost of the item.  It is our integrity.  Satan tries to trip us up.  GOD wants us to walk the straight and narrow.  It is easy to allow the small things to separate us from GOD.  I’m glad you yielded to the SPIRIT.  I am also glad that I yielded.

  6. Absolutely a wonderful post of openness and accountability to us all. Thank you Veronica for sharing. Amen and Amen.
    It read to every corner of My heart. May the quickening power of the Holy Ghost even enlarge your borders more so.

  7. I have a similar story! I bought some potted plants yesterday. At the checkout I was just required to take one pot out of the basket to be scanned since the two I had were the same: I paid and took them out of the basket and into my vehicle. There was a smaller plant hidden behind the larger pot. I had totally forgotten about it. It was like two dollars. No big deal. A free plant! It would never be missed and no one would know! Immediately, God said, “I’d know.”I took that tiny plant in with my receipt and told the girl what happened. I paid for it and carried my honest plant back to my vehicle!

  8. Thank you for your faithful pursuit of our loving Father Veronika. I agree with you that the fear of the Lord is absolutely essential in these days and that it begins with us…even in the small things. He is tuning us into His wavelength for His powerful purposes we need to be obedient to His promptings…so good thank you for your humility in sharing

  9. I do want to mention when I ask god 4 justice… its because people r just are doing their job, im paying u make it right.. n they retailed for me hold them accountable… I the bad person because I dont accept their lazy excuses..I suppose to pay for sloopy uncaring people who r n the service area, making living…..not doing their job..  so my point is.. when hold Joe public accountable… they know .. they will perform.. because then deal will.. I will I did complain to compare office about paying 2.45 English tea, that was color water. I did ask for it to be remade. n spite they gave me worst… look ya ll im a part owner is a Muti million dollar family buss of over 45 yrs.. our workmen. know they toll the line… sloppy work, with excuses not not allowed unless it.. something mechanical…We r a service business.. we dont give excuses… if we did. we would not be where we r… corp headquarter, answer me quickly.. dealt with the issue… so hear me.  all I usually drive a truck… because my dogs r dogs..  not my 100,000 luxury car.. so looks r deceiving.. I say this to u all.  because the world caters to money… I dont let people general know anything about me.. n when people crap on me.. n then 1 day see me get out of my car.. they just stop stare n the mouth is on the floor…..

  10. Very good advice the higher we go in the spiritual realm the more accountably. It is Worth it for He is our example.

  11. Veronika there is ONE BASIC thing you must understand that exists in the USA today and is prevelant all over. It is the attitude that if it don’t affect me directly…..i am not concerned about it. This has been very prevelant for the last 10 years at least.

    • Be rest assured, there is a Remnant in the United States of America who has been on their knees fasting and praying for the Nation and for the world. They have forsaken ALL to follow Him and will not fail, for in our Leader, our Lord and King, failure doesn’t even exist!!!

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