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Do Not Allow Any Deception in to Your Heart or Mind — 6 Comments

  1. I will have to oppose the thoughts of other commenters here and about their claim that there is nothing that can separate us from redemption. Well, in the Bible there are at least to examples about that. First, Jesus himself said that everything will be forgiven to you but if you offend the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven to you. Second in the book o Revelation it is said that whoever took the mark of the beast, old and young, grown and children, free and slaves, rich and poor, were never forgiven but were thrown in the lake of fire FOREVER. Now, is the vaccine the mark??!! I don’t know that and indeed I doubt it, because in the Revelation it is said that He, the Antichrist, caused the people to take the mark and that He must be reveled to the world first. Do we have someone that has been revealed to us as the AC, yet??!! On the other hand, mRNA has been known and licensed officially as a DNA treatment though now is being used as a vaccine, but other vaccines are traditional, using a weakened virus, a method used successfully for the vaccines over e century now. Let everyone take the words to the Lord and let him guide us, but still be watchful because it smells fishy the push for the vaccines though there are successful treatments out there.

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