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  1. Good beautiful day Deborah.
    I’ve actually had this very dream.
    At first I was in a city department store, emptied out and under attack. We were all hiding behind counters and pillars. And then I was on a Chariot. And from the sky, unseen sources were shooting octagon shaped bolts of electricity at the people, but it only bounced off my back and didn’t penetrate. And then I was climbing the Mountain, and as I climbed I saw people, mostly male college age boys standing outside the soul gates of people, practicing the part they’d play in releasing torment upon them. And then I got to the top and went through the door. There was a young girl by me and I asked her what do I do now. She led me to a shelf and handed me a blanket and pillow, to this I could cry, because for years I’ve been tormented day and night. I laid down and realized my baby, almost as an afterthought, lying just above my head. I quickly grabbed him and brought him to my chest and went to sleep.
    Upon awakening from the dream I heard a female voice speak saying, Ephesians 4:10. I awoke so excited, because I’ve never had a scripture spoken to me, I’ve heard from others who have and have always been in awe.

    Ephesians 4:10
    He Who descended [to the lowest earthly regions], also ascended above the Heavens, and filled the Universe with Himself.

    It’s been such a blessing and a joy having you as a part of this journey Deborah.
    Thank you, and God Bless you…abundantly :)

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