Do NOT give in to Defeatism!


“I do not want you to feel defeated in the unfolding of time’s circumstances and prophecy.  I want you to understand, that MY perfect will is not the same as my permissive will.  They may lead to the same place, but the latter leads there the hard way in that the person comes to the conclusion themselves that their own will was in the way and it was not wise to insist on his own will.

The victory I want for you is overcoming SIN, overcoming SELF, and the devil, and all the taunts of this world.  THAT is MY main concern.  And it should be yours.  There are difficult lessons in this life.  It is only the narrow path that leads to victory.  And I told you that FEW find it!

So do you want TRUTH My beloveds?  Or do you want your own way?  Do you want MY way, or your way?  Father knows best what is good for you to develop trust, faith, hope, charity and kindness.  He knows the best for you My loves! Our mercy endures forever.  But times change and circumstances change.  But not one WORD of My Word will be changed. It will happen as I have displayed it.  It will now come forth in quicker measure.

Ready your hearts for many are still sleeping and need to be awakened.  So SHOUT from the rooftops what I whisper in your ear!  Do NOT be ashamed of the gospel of PEACE. DEMONSTRATE MY LOVE AND KINDNESS TO EVEN YOUR ENEMIES, AND I WILL BLESS YOU.

But if you insist on going your own way, you will meet with opposition on every side.  For great opposition ensues anyhow.  The enemy has unleashed much opposition.  You must be strong in the power of MY MIGHT, and FIGHT with the WORD of FAITH.  DO NOT back down from what I have shown or told you!

I WILL fulfill My promises to you.  Even if your perception of how is different… they will be fulfilled.  You will have all you need to accomplish what I WANT.  You will go forth in power and glory as never before has been seen.  Come CLOSE TO ME, My beloveds.  Be silent before Me.  Let me whisper My secrets to you.  Let me ready your hearts for habitation!”


~ Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California &
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