Do Not Grow Weary, the Battle Is Already Won!


I hear the Spirit say, “In this hour I have overshadowed you with My Wings.  I have concealed and hidden you.  I have made you invisible to the devourer that comes to steal the new position and the greater portion that I have assigned for you in this season,” says God.

“So Rest and Be Still in the shade of My safety and refuge.  Fear not!  For here in this place I have given you a Victory shout over defeat, My hand now moves to shield, Protect, Provide and Preserve your life from the dangers of darkness.

Come close, draw near and you will find reassurance and refreshing under the light, warmth and power of My Wings.  Even now the power of My Love and Glory is drawing you that your strength may be renewed, your passion may be revived and your spiritual senses may become fully awakened and fully activated to your true purpose and Destiny.

Yes!  The Shadow of My Wing is constant and unchanging it has drawn a dividing line between you and your enemies.

Yes!  Surely I tell you these are the boundary lines that have fallen for you in pleasant places.  So Rejoice!  For Within these boarders you will find My Abundant Blessing, Divine Protection and Unchanging Grace and Mercy, you will have nothing to fear as you move onto the battlefield of conflict and intense warfare, you will have nothing to dread for the boundary lines that have been drawn cannot be broken, removed, or infiltrated by the wiles and schemes of the wicked one.

Beloved, now as you seek Me in this season with all your heart you will find Me.  And when we come face to face, all your fears will be driven out by the power of My perfect Love for you.

You will become fully encompassed, fully encapsulated and fully captivated by the transforming Power of My Beauty and unlimited power.

My child, do not hold back but come as you are, in My presence there is fullness of Joy.  In My Presence the old and worn out garments of the past will be removed, and you will receive new and fresh garments that will never wear out.

My breath will give you new life, a new identity and a greater purpose”, says God.

“Listen!  Even in this hour I AM calling you by name.  I AM calling you to come up higher that you may Rule and Reign in greater Authority, Power and Victory over all the powers of the enemy.

Have I not called, anointed and appointed you to be Kings and High Priests upon the earth?  Have I not given you everything pertaining to life and Liberty?

Beloved, now watch!  Put a guard to your mouth, your hearts and your minds in this hour.  Do not become distracted, discouraged or sidetracked by the small foxes that come to steal the fruit, but stay strong, steadfast and focused on my unchangeable word and my everlasting love.

Keep moving and keep advancing forward in confidence and assurance that the Shadow of My Wings will cover, protect and lead you into Great Victory in this hour, as you Stay Close and you Stay in Time.

I will lead you into GREAT TRIUMPH”, says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Do Not Grow Weary, the Battle Is Already Won! — 4 Comments

  1. Please pray with us for Lauren who is a beautiful Christian raised in the word of God, suddenly she doesn’t believe there is a devil and that prayer doesn’t works.Lauren is our granddaughter and is 21 yrs old in College.
    Love your words from the Lord and the inspiration they bring to all who see them We say Thank you Veronica.
    Watchman Carol

  2. I Love your encouraging words Abba Thank you for speaking to my head this day as I stay focus on you throughout my day and every day. I am strengthen. Your words are life to me. Thanks Veronika, for sharing. Blessing s to you dear one. Amen.

  3. Thank you for speaking to my heart. My heart, Abba, Thank you so greatly. Thank you for keeping my enemies away at my place of employment. Thank you for your peace. Thank you for keeping me on that perfect peace as my mind is stayed on you. I thank you again for your words sent to me this day Wow, I can’t help it, as I readand write down your words given to me from Veronika. Amen

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