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Don’t Hold Back! — 3 Comments

  1. I am so excited about this word from you. In 2010 when everyone was claiming the devastation of the effects of the economic downturn that was affecting so many people and businesses, I heard God speak to me that it was not the time for economic collapse because He was going to send a Joseph that would prepare the world for the devastation to come, but also God would bring 7 years of plenty before the time of drought, devastation and lack. Now I am hearing your prophecy confirming this word. I have been watching to see when God would cause someone to speak it out publicly. The 7 years of plenty is going to be part of the catalyst to cause America to return to her former glory & dependence on God.

  2. This is for me my beloved brother. I receive these powerful words in the name of Jesus. I have faith in everything I do, the Bible says in the book of Hebrews,without faith it is impossible to please God! Thank you for this prophetic message. Please pray for me my beloved I need a breakthrough especially in my job. I believe this is my my year of greatness and success in my life! I am so blessed and I’m rejoicing in the LORD always. God Bless!

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