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Don’t Stifle the Gifts of The Holy Spirit — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Elaine, I looked at my training schedule, and I knew the message was about stirring up the gifts..this is encouraging.

  2. Ya.  I had a dream last night. and i will know ,
    I know that the LORD has spoken to me.

    Lord Jesus I look to You,how i going to do…
    Help me, Lord !Let me Don’t Stifle the Gifts of The Holy Spirit .
    I remember !, and i know now what the meaning at the vision , give by holy spirit vision.
    supernatural healing Will Lead people know Jesus,and Believe in Jesus Christ .
    Thank you Abba Father, guide me , and i will walk with you and move forward .

  3. Wow, Elaine!  Powerful!  Thank you for sharing this mighty word from God. A reminder not to neglect the gift that is in me.  I receive this with an open heart and will meditate on these things, so that I may wage the good warfare! To God I give all the glory!

  4. Thank You, Lord, for answering my heart’s cry through Your servant, Elaine!  I just literally prayed for confirmation along the very lines you mentioned.  Wowee!!!!
    Make it so, Lord… and ASAP, if You don’t mind. <3

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