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  1. Chris, Just listened to “A Powerful Word From The Lord” Amanda Grace streamed on the 28th instant. Skeletons mentioned at 34.16 in – see below

    “”and says the lord of hosts the hit pieces shall turn on those who 34:16 devised and schemed such skeletons are marching out and parading and the sudden about faces will make sense when now the people of this nation see the motives laid out there””

  2. Pastor Chris, thanks for sharing God’s words with me/us. As soon as i started reading this post & got to Ezekiel 37, I felt a strong anointing on me in my room (in Africa) & immediately started praying for SICK PEOPLE! GLORY TO GOD! Even while typing this message the Anointing continued to pour in!  I agree with you Sir & strongly believe GOD is saying the COVER UP OF 2020 USA ELECTION AS HE CLEARLY TOLD ME IS ABOUT BEING EXPOSED & MANY OTHER BURIED EVIL DEEDS FROM ALL ANGLES OF LIFE.  In addition, please anyone who has sick loved one(s) that doctors have concluded their case(s) can use the message above to decree by FAITH & see GOD restore dead body parts back to life in Jesus name. God bless you & each an everyone of us on this platform.

  3. Chris, thanks for sharing. You are in a real flow of revelation just as has bring prophesied by many for 2022. Thanks for connecting the dots with such wisdom. As I followed the storyline here, I heard the Lord say, Yes and they shall fall like dominoes for I am about to play the TRUMP card. Being the ‘Trump girl’ that I am, I keep hearing the sound of the blowing of the TRUMPET will announce the restoration of TRUMP’s REIGN for it is the time to RAIN on their Parade. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  4. Kent Christmas’ son, Joshua, from my understanding, is in ICU with an aneurysm.  They have been told by the drs. that he’s brain dead & to unplug him. Kent & Joshua’s wife have refused to unplug & they are praying fervently that he will be healed totally & wake up to minister communion Feb 6.  Please for Joshua & his family.  Thank you!

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