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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your everlasting and unspeakable love.
    Why does Jesus love all of us? I do not know I just know He does, knowing that is a great privilege, and let us pass on to others that it is so. Jesus knows what is going on the inside of all of us and why we do or have done whatever we do/did, or get nervous, and yet He loves us all deeply and wants to save and heal and bless us all. Let us warn our brothers and sisters when we see danger and surrender all ourselves, and worship the merciful Lord Jesus. Let us open up our hearts for whoever He has called us to level the way for. The healing has started and it will only accelerate, please keep praying. Let us anchor in our hearts that He really and deeply loves us all. May God bless us all with that specific certainty that He loves us more than anyone else will ever be able to. Lucia Ludvigsen

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