It’s a Warfare Season!

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Stay Focused! says the LORD!

The Spirit of Yahweh says,  “Look beyond what the enemy is doing against you.  Focus on My promises.  Do not concentrate on what the devil is pulling on you.

I never stop watching over you day or night.  I AM your keeper and as long as your eyes are on Me, the enemy suffocates for lack of attention.

Remember, he wants to steal the attention you give me in praise through making you praise the problem by dwelling on it, instead of praying about it.

Keep in mind,on the other side of the problem there is a great promise that will manifest.

Stay focused!”

Thank You Lord for What You Have Given Me

What you think is old and outdated may may be new and very up-to-date for someone else.

Your old house, which you want to move out from, could be the new house somebody else is praying to have!

Your current car of which you are so tired, could be what someone is believing with all hope to have.

Your current outdated wardrobe could be one that someone else never imagines to have.

There is someone in hospital wishing they could move the body you are abusing, with all sorts of cosmetic adjustments.

The spouse you despise could be one giving another person sleepless nights.

The help God has sent you through a woman or man whom you look down upon, is what somebody else is fasting about for 40 days.

Learn to bless God for all you have, and don’t take anything for granted.

Count all your blessings and you will realise how blessed you are.

Learn to say,”Thank You LORD for what you have given me.”

A Testimony of Restoration

A testimony just came through from a lady who has received a massive restoration.

I prayed with this lady when things were bad and horrible and continued to encourage her when things were looking so dark.  We prayed more and more over the phone, but today the kind of testimony she has sent me has made me praise God so much!

She has been waiting upon the LORD for some 3 years now.

She was going through tough marital issues; neglected by her hubby who was now walking over her head and reduced to borrowing.

God the restorer has given her:

  • The big house which she lost will all furniture.
  • The car she lost.
  • An excellent job with an international organization restored.  She worked here almost 5 years ago

This God.. ohhh will do the same for you in Jesus name.

Keep trusting and believing

It’s a Warfare Season!

“Eat less, sleep less and pray more in the night,” says the LORD.

This week, the Father has revealed to me in different dreams that we must put on our warfare gear and take up the sword, ready to engage in spiritual warfare.

Last night while in prayer, I had a vision of a very huge armed giant who was ready to combat, but as he advanced towards me, I raised my voice in warfare prayers and within no time, the giant just disappeared.

Immediately the Spirit quickened me to know that the giant was a Goliath spirit that has risen up against God’s people in this hour.

It is a spirit that boasts and brags daily of its strength and it intimidates us with its show of power.  It could be anything that is coming against you so heavily in mockery and intimidation.

It may be a problem you are facing that makes you feel like you should run and hide.  However, if we put on boldness like David and pray in the Spirit against this spirit, we conquer it.

The Spirit of the LORD spoke to me this night and the previous night saying,

“Tell My people to fast and pray in the night season.

Tell them to engage in the midnight battle.

Tell them to pray in earnest now, because the devil has unleashed serious and heavy attacks in the night season especially through witchcraft.”

Some people are sleeping unawares of the diabolical assignments carried out against them in their sleep. The enemy is busy in this hour planting seeds of failure, shame, losses, division, rejection, stagnation, disease and death as we sleep (Matthew 13:25).

But if you keep alert and vigilant, none of these shall grow. Every one of the enemy’s seeds shall fail.

The Spirit of the LORD actually said this to me very clearly, that there are some attacks we are facing in this hour that can only be stopped through prayer and fasting.

Don’t get too sleepy, too tired, too stuffed up with heavy meals in the evening and don’t allow all your time to go on TV and other forms of media.

Use the time to wage war.

Keep in mind that we are fighting from the winning side.

Sleep less, eat less, talk less, watch less and pray more in the night.  The victory is taking God’s instructions.


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Eather HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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It’s a Warfare Season! — 2 Comments

  1. Great word, dear sister Esther Hadassah. I take these words very serious. It is shocking how much devil and his legions of helpers (it`s written in the Bible) run around and do hard plots and evil plans, especially in the nights. When I wake up in the night, I take my lamplight and read in the Bible that is open day and night.
    Here are still hidden bugs in our rooms, so praying is no longer private. More and more I dare to pray loud again. Many may never know that George Orwell`s “1984” is already reality and in evil practice.
    It is a privilege to have more than 1 Bible. One day soon we will have to give away Bibles for all the hungry people (it is written) who need this Holy Book, though I already gave away some own Bibles for the needy who were astonished about the clear Scriptures in it.
    Fasting is now on my “to do” list. I must confess, this I need to do more. Thank you for sharing your night experiences and visions. Demons really are on the run. BUT WE ARE STRONGER. WE HAVE A HOLY CALL.
    With Love, Marion Karola

  2. God is Faithful
    He want us to win this battle especially over the nation of Kenya and the church of Christ at large.This is through the night prayer.However, it has not been easy to pray. The environment is heavy and may the Lord send help from all corners of the earth.

    Esther, am right here in Kenya, and God has opened my eyes to see the evils the devil is doing to prepare grounds for him to thrive’ but he will not succeed in Jesus name’. Witchcraft,sorcery,voodoo name it, are all been practiced, to control the minds of the citizens into all manner of sins- Sodom and Gomorrah style’.  And as a result many people are blind and confused, they do not know what is right or wrong.
    It’s real warfare, and spiritually speaking it’s feeling like real war-grounds somewhere in a war torn country.

    God is good and through your ministry many of us are getting encouraged.Do not get tired or feel like you not getting anywhere. You are doing more than you could think off.God bless you.