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Famine in America — 2 Comments

  1. You are absolutely right about the many poor and homeless people on the street going hungry.Lately ,I was asking my self whether they receive stimulese check or not. Even though they are the hardest hit group, I don’t believe they receive check. They don’t even have proper address,and I don’t think many of them are on the record.
    But I know it breaks the Lord’s heart to see them hungry.We as a believer need to heed,for not turning our eye from them.God is no respecter of persons,if we continue to shut our compassion,some of us might find ourselves, in some form of affliction.

  2. My faith was made stronger of the fish fell from the sky miracle as one of my dear brother in Africa shared this event that day as he was in that area as soldier and he was so hungry and he could not share this with me that his nation was not feeding them and we both sharing prayers of our needs to be seen by our Heavenly Father to match us with his provision and we waited for it to come and it would come as lawsuit check payout to my family and friends from Wal MArt that year and he got to see the miracle of fish… He was so overwhelm of Heavenly Father love that a boy in Africa became Man of faith the new spiritual man a warrior of the Living God was born and I too was in Awe of Abba hand up to all for a one to know that he is the hand that gave it freely to us.. thank you for reminding me again of this event it bubble up a soul prayer of Living bread of old to healing all nation to fully trusting in his new events from our prayers as day of Noah as new thing never seen before Shock and Awe of WOW the living God is working for our good always and forever only some of event of his words being done in now and more are coming to awaken his people that he is the only one that can get a payout out of the enemy knowing that is Amazing Grace AS an real flowing cup of blessings comes to us when in the mind of Christ and with heart of God word written on the tablet of our hearts, open the Bible and feast on words for our future events will be miracles too in an stand by position as this only way to get gate open of blessing is knowing your promises of saving us from the enemy plans to know what promise can we call down so angel can can fight this battle and give the provision of true rest of care of this world leadership of demons to see our Heavenly Lord Jesus again through us in us plan and his KIngdom of Living God in now event will be opening up as God presence in ways all saved event all are healed from the pain within hearts now

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