Fight Only Where You’re Told to Go!

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Fight Only Where You’re Told to Go!

In this hour, if you are not called by God to go into certain regions, you won’t be qualified to withstand the principalities and territorial spirits assigned to the place.

Because these spirits consider the region, their land, they will show up and manifest in the service either in demonic form where the demons actually appear in its demonic form, or will work through those that are useable by satan to attempt to oppose the work that God is doing in the area.

This is not the time to be going forth pretending like you anointed or playing with salvation.

This is not the time to act like you have power, because satan knows his time is short.  So he is releasing a greater power of demonic activity against the true assignments of God and God’s servants.

Now, let me help you super deep.  Folks, you do have to fight the enemy God has given us power and authority, and we do have to use it, meaning, open your mouth and bind and rebuke, cancel and destroy.  Stop sitting back, just letting the enemy have his way.

Remember, satan is the prince of the air, but we have power through Jesus to dethrone annihilate and subdue him.  In this hour you must be authorized deputized affirmed and chosen by God to go into these demonized territories that are controlled by demonic spirits.

God is not giving out assignments to fearful, uncovered, unqualified individuals in this hour.  Our assignments will be in intense areas of demonic and satanic activities!

As you go forth, make sure you are spiritually equipped for the warfare you will be facing.  Know your rank in the Kingdom of God and stay in your sphere of authority.

We already have to many spiritual casualties, because people have tried to assault demonic spirits that they didn’t have permission from God to confront.  That’s why many go on engagements and come from them oppressed by demonic spirits and overtaken by the spirits that they have tried to oppose and subdue.

Many have succumbed to sickness, mental illness, financial collapse, ministry ruin ,marriages destroyed, because of unauthorized warfare advancements!

Let’s make sure that what we are doing is in the will of God totally and completely!

Don’t Miss the Shift!

If you’re yet dealing with seasons, you miss the shift.  We are in hours now!

Accelerated time is upon us and the momentum of God’s word has escalated and many are confused because of the speed of things manifesting so they can’t perceived that it is the will of God taking place.

The power of God has released an explosive manifestation of who He is unto His people through the demonstration of mighty miracles signs and wonders!  This is the hour of ELOHIM being reintroduced to the people in His true form of authority and power!

Though the people have forsaken the truth of His reality and the power of His Word NOW He is being revealed to those whose hearts are seeking Him for a greater revelation of His Glory and a more secure stable and committed relationship with Him.

This morning is very unusual and the atmosphere is heavy with His Spirit!  It’s an atmosphere of performance of what He has promised and assurance of it coming to pass.

Today, pay close attention to your surroundings and your perimeters spiritually.  Watch for sneak attacks as God is moving for you during these next three days.

Remember Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are listening days.  Now don’t miss it because some of you are accustom to laying before Him and talking but these three days are days of silence on our part to hear the instructions directions and strategies of God and to see what the LORD has assigned for our lives in this hour!

Rank and Command in the Kingdom

Let me find out you a private trying to wear a general’s uniform, there will be a spiritual court martial activated.

That’s why the spiritual army is in such a disarray now to many people wearing stolen uniforms in the spirit realm!

The apostles and prophets are searching and capturing these impostors and bringing them to Kingdom justice!

The Generals are tracing the fraudulent persons that have been assigned to govern a army by persons that created bogus paperwork and unauthorized callings.

Those who create the fake papers will also be brought to Kingdom justice!  Take heed in this hour, those called into governing positions are setting order without fear!

Repairers of the Kingdom Order and Standards are now going forth!

NOTE:  You can’t command what you don’t outrank!

Respecting Leaders

Like myself, there are those in leadership who are continually active in ministry, praying for persons, constantly teaching or preaching at a local ministry, plus doing outreach ministry, were they travel across the land.

Being able to take at least one day after a week of doing work in the Kingdom is a must.  For most of us, Monday is the only day that we can truly get real rest.

Unless God has given us a specific assignment, or somebody is in a spiritual battle that requires our immediate attention, we are trying to be in the presence of the LORD to hear Him have our strength restored and to just lay in His presence so that we can continue to be effective in ministry and a help to the people.

Unless I’m on a ministry assignment, or doing the talk-show, God has connected me to at 5:30 p.m., I’m usually in shutdown mode.  Ministry burnout can happen quickly if we don’t set some boundaries with our personal time, so that we won’t become overwhelmed or get resentful toward the people, because we are constantly being pulled on.

Warfare is hard and intense and good leaders are constantly praying and interceding for those that they are covering and leading.  We are not being prideful or selfish because we take time for ourselves even Jesus separated from the crowd and His disciples to go pray and seek the Father.

Listening to the LORD today and He warn me that I have to take my day that He commanded me to rest so they my body won’t break down or I have a spiritual burnout.

People, be considerate of your leaders and recognize that they do need time to fast pray and seek God for themselves as well as your benefits.  Don’t just call them with unnecessary chatter.  They are not your buddy, they are your leader.  Please respect their time with the LORD!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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