Gentleness, A Fruit of the Spirit!


Honestly, I never thought it would come to this. 

Those of us in my age group, can’t help but tell you how much things have changed here.

Yes, there are some things that changed for good.  But it seems that some of the most precious attributes of our people, have either been suppressed, or forgotten.

Although we were alerted about things of the world, even taught in scripture, this desire for “things,” for material gain, has made us different.

Humbly as I can, might I say that it no longer concerns me as to what many think as “old-fashioned.”

Quite rightly, I’m proud of being that way.  And I don’t want or intend to change.

Many are not interested in talking about the old paths.  But we only need to look around us today, to see that much of the new is not working.

It takes a lot of work to be somebody.  Call it what you may, but it’s not all fun living in a different world as we know it now.  It appears, that our true focus has drifted away.

I need someone to be kind to me.  Don’t you?

If we revisit what the apostolic writer said about the last days, the phrase “perilous times,” has much more meaning than before.

My God, have mercy on us all!   Did you ever dream that we would see and hear the things people do to one another in the hour we now live in?

Remember the word “fierce”?   We the people have become so aggressive; the word humility, is now just a memory.  Being courteous, is considered almost an absence.

Who really has the Holy Ghost?

How can you tell?

In the groups some of us were in, it might have been how much people speak in tongues or how they are baptized.

Let me be absolutely clear…..  I believe in those things, with all my heart.  But those who are genuinely Spirit-filled, must bear the fruit of such.

It is of truth, that all of this fruit, must be manifested in our daily lives.

How did we somehow pass over or forget what Jesus said?

By what, would people know that we are of Him?

Gentleness:  Considerate or kindly in disposition; amiable and tender; not harsh or severe; mild and soft.

In other texts, this goodness and kindness, mean the same.

People are in peril; in every walk of life.  All households are under siege of some kind.

Putting on a happy face when you’re hurting inside and making everyone think you are just fine, is hard to do now.

It’s so tough for many precious people, they can’t even hide it anymore.  Look at the faces on the street, in all the stores.

Kindness, is how people are going to know you’re a good person; a real person.

So many are starving for someone who is real; one who truly loves people.

They can tell the absolute difference.  Yes, we have trials and tests; some of them very bitter.

But the Holy Ghost in us, can shine over whatever we are going through and still produce His genuine fruit.  It has to be.

There was a time, when people could see the joy of the LORD on our faces.  You could spot us anywhere.  It made so many want to get close to us; we had something very special.

Yes, we are going to have to stand up for ourselves.  There are a lot of nasty folk who seem to have abandoned all precepts of being good.

Deal with those you have to.  But let your own spirit follow the Spirit that is in you.

We say we have it; we need to show it now, more than ever before.  It doesn’t matter that those kind see meekness as weakness.

It’s crying souls, people who need us, that are straining for one kind word or a smile.  Even a little nod, tells them you know they are there.

The real fruit, is desperately needed.  We have that power!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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