Go Back to Your Watch Towers! Cry Out for Justice!


I believe the Spirit of the Elohim begun to speak to me regarding INTERCESSORS…..

The LORD says:

“Say to My Intercessors, I have not called you be carnal minded.

I have not called you to be concerned for the things of this life.

I have not called you to set your affections on the things of this world, but ye, I have called you to be SEPARATED!

Did not I say, “Come out from among them and be separated?”

Did I not say, “Set your affections on heavenly things?”

Did not I say, “Seek first My Kingdom and Righteousness?”

Why then do you go whoring after the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life?

Why do you worry for things that cannot satisfy?

Say to My People, the ones I have called to stand before Me that they might know My Counsel that I may not have to pour out judgement and My own arm bring Salvation.

Don’t be so caught up in your own restoration that you forget JUSTICE!

For them that say, “The time is not yet for My House to be built, that I have delayed coming, say to them set yourselves in order and cry out to me even between the porch and the altar!

Cry out to Me, call on Me and I will indeed show them great and mighty things they know not of.

For how can I pour out My Wine and Spirit on a generation so perverse?

How can I pour out on an unrepentant and not yet ready to receive?

Pray unto Me, stand in agreement with Me.  For how shall one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight.

Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit will I begin then to root out corruption in the lands, that I will heal, and I will do what I have set Myself to do.

To demolish the strongholds in the lands and nations that have become defiled and defiant because of him that have set himself over them.

Pray unto Me for I shall yet raise up My little ones pure in heart whose worship ushers angels to fight.

Intercessors, put off lukewarmness and be baptized with the fire of My Spirit.

Come up children, come up from the familiar place.

Come, let me anoint your eyes to see and know and understand the times as did the sons of Issachar.

Discern My move.”

See also: Isaiah 49, Joel 2, Haggai 1.


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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