God Has Moved Beyond our Traditions!

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A Powerful Encounter with His Presence

Sitting here this morning thinking about the next move of God and wondering, are the people ready for the dimension that God has shifted a remnant into?

I have been weeping and tears have been flowing for two days now, every since the encounter I had on the altar Sunday evening.  It has been amazing.  The new revelations, the new outlook, the new mandate that He has bestowed upon me.

To experience such power and to have such a powerful encounter with His presence is so overwhelming to me.

It seems my love for Him has went into such a deep intimacy, that I am consumed with seeking Him and being in His face.

The joy and peace I feel is so marvelous, until I’m wondering, am I going to be able to carry the weight of it?  He has open my heart to a deeper dimension of love and my understanding of Him has increased so much, until I feel at one with Him.

I don’t want to hear anything negative about my Savior.  I find myself irritated with those who seem to not recognize that He is awesome, wonderful, magnificent.  Irritated with those who falsely accused Him of being uncaring and unloving, because they are experiencing some trials.

I find myself standing up faithfully defending my God’s character before those who accuse Him of not being able.  Oh people, if I could make you understand what I am experiencing the realm of faith of just knowing without any amount of doubt or unbelief, but a calm secure assurance that God Elohim, I AM that I AM, is everything He says He is and even greater than anything you will every experience.

The Creator, the Only True God, The Father, has all of me and He holds my heart mind soul and spirit in His hand.

I feel like I have melted into His heart.  I am so full of joy today and I know there is more to come.

I had my visitation last night and all things are made well.  Loving on my Father this morning for this is truly my day of double portion and I am living the abundant life!

I’m Just Saying….

Some of you thought you was experiencing labor pains when it was just gas.  Imaginary pregnancies are on the up-rise.

You are trying to say you been impregnated by God when you have never had intimacy with Him.

Some people just jump on the bandwagon, just to be a part of what is going on.  Some of you are connecting as midwives to something that is not even there.

You are suppose to be skilled enough to recognized a false pregnancy.  It looks bad, because some of us are trying to help birth something that was never conceived!

In Awe at What The LORD is doing!

Right now I’m in a place of total awe as to what The LORD is doing.

He is doing all things new and He has completely transform me totally.  This last conference in Washington has had such a spiritual impact on the lives of those that have came so far and also brought elevation and a new beginning for me!

The impact of the glory of God that has appeared in the services causes us to experience deep intercession which causes us to bring forth.

The teaching has went to another dimension!  God even said we can’t ask for an offering, but He will touch the people Himself personally.

I told the leaders that God is concerned.  He wanted them to just come and receive, so that they can be healed refreshed restored!

I’m just laying in His presence, receiving the downloads of His anointing as He ministers to me, so I can minister to the people! I

‘m ready for the greater mandate the greater mission the greater outpouring!  New doors -new territory!!

God Has Moved Beyond our Traditions!

God is moving beyond our traditions and programs.

In this season, He is bringing the preachers out of their comfort zones and their familiar ways of doing things.

It’s the season of teamwork and get this apostles, He is taking us back when the apostle’s worked as a duo team and they went out in twos, without jealousy, envy or a showmanship mentality.

God is just saying flow, just move in the Holy Ghost and allow Him to have full control of all that we do.

The Spirit of The LORD spoke to me and said, “Don’t follow the example of the crowd!  Don’t do things the way the crowd does, or the cliques do, but obey My commands!”

God is speaking heavily in this hour to break the yokes off the neck of the people.

He said, “Show My people that they are not merchandise in My Kingdom but they are valuable and precious souls to Me.”

He said to make room for Him and allow Him free course in our lives and visions.

He said He is performing His word and releasing the demonstration of His power that is breaking and destroying chains and bondages and setting the captive free from all that causes them to sin stumble or fall.

He said to listen for the distinct sound of His voice and move in the Spirit and you will see great signs and wonders and many miracles will come forth.  Take flesh carnality and traditional mind sets out of the way.

God is not restricted the boxes we have put Him in.  He is greater than the programs we put together.

How about we just show up and then listen and let Him orchestrate the move of God for that moment?

Let Him speak what He wants and do what needs to be done, so the needs of the people are met and nobody will leave the same way they came in.

How about making the conferences and revivals services be about the people and not our pockets?

How about the preachers sowing into the people’s lives the wisdom, knowledge and mysteries of the word without charging them or taking five offerings?

I can guarantee to you that if you sow to the people, God will take care of you.

People, it’s a new season and God is moving for real and those He is using in this hour have a total different mindset.  They have surrender wholeheartedly to the will of God and are walking in total and complete obedience to His will and are not persuaded entice and not seduced by the traditions and doctrines of men!

You will know them they are the ones that will be opposing the crowds and rebuking those that are using and taking advantage of God’s people!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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