The Great and Terrible Day of the LORD


The whole earth trembles.
They scan to the left and to the right.
With dying batteries and flashlights
they fend off the coming dark night.

They hear the sound of the trumpet
as it blasts from high on the city walls.
Still they slumber through this critical hour
even as this once great nation falls.

In the old there is no longer hope.
Their trust in the false has come to naught.
Searching for something which will remain
while of the truth forgetting what they were taught.

The once mighty crashes to its knees.
That which “cannot fail” is crumbling to the ground.
The world looks on with jaws agape
yet as Goliath falters there is hardly a sound.

Tracking the blip on the radar screen.
Suddenly it can be found no more.
Fiery judgment now reigning down,
melting to the very core.

They shall stand looking from afar and weep
yet they want nothing to do with her fate.
Once it is all set ablaze
it will be too late.

Oh America, America!
Where are your amber waves of grain?
Before you nothing but scorched earth
with a season of desperate hunger pangs.

Your fruit has been sampled
and it has been found to be rotten.
With the coming days of trials
the times of plenty will be forgotten.

Weeping in the place of rejoicing.
Pain overcoming the times of pleasure.
Oh, once great nation
where now is your treasure?

Even knowing of God’s kindling wrath
you are unwilling to turn.
Because of your stubborn defiance
this nation will surely burn.

Tick tock, tick tock;
time is quickly slipping away.
Until in just one hour
we will witness judgment day.

Come out of her My people
and do not partake in her sins.
Rest assured that in this land of wickedness
it is righteousness that ultimately wins.

Come now to the cleft of the rock.
Place the blood of the Lamb above your door.
In this time of weeping and tears
upon you My mercy will I pour.

Let go of all you once held dear
and cling only unto Me.
As America marches into bondage
you, My people, will be set free.

Among you there shall be no fear
for you are rooted in My love.
You find that mercy is befitting of you
as a hand is to a glove.

As the peoples tremble and shake
under the weight of My great wrath,
They understand addition and now subtraction
in sorrow they shall do the math.

Among them you shall stand
your feet firmly planted upon the Rock.
Your stance will be in love
even as for My namesake you will be mocked.

Reach only to those with arms outstretched
and tear-filled eyes.
Know that many will feign remorse
but do not believe their lies.

See the glorious day that lies ahead
with the coming of the Son of God?
He shall put the nations beneath His feet.
He shall rule with an iron rod.

When He comes upon the clouds
you, My people, will meet Him there.
One moment you will be in the ground
and the next you will be in the air.

So fear not he which can kill the body,
only I who cast both body and soul into hell.
For those there is only anguish
as they rot in their eternal prison cells.

Know that their pain does not bring Me joy
but that I must restore righteousness to this land.
For years they have laughed at My name
but they will tremble beneath My outstretched hand.

Judgment is coming to this land
as surely as the rising of the sun
and when the smoke finally clears
the last earthly battle will have been won.

For heaven and earth will pass away
but My word shall remain.
It alone shall sustain in this dark hour
and comfort those overcome with pain.

So go now and do not tarry
in telling of what is soon to take place.
Do not remain silent in this hour
lest you be left to suffer disgrace.

I am coming quickly
and all eyes shall behold
As every word the world has mocked
will surely before them unfold.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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