God’s Presence Dissolving Darkness

This is “Spirit Call to Rally Now – Part 2

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True prophets of God must speak the deeper mysteries underlying that which is seen.

Key words of light are emerging through the darkness that for many is clouding the gates of deeper Spirit life revelation.

Key words of light will open treasures of Spirit reality to save and restore from death and destruction to life and glory – from scorched earth and ashes to the garden of God.

Spiritual darkness or light is seen from a perspective in the heart.  Depending upon the internal perspective, that which one sees as light may actually be darkness.  To another with a truly godly perspective, light is accurately seen as light and darkness is seen as darkness.  That which is seen as light to a godly person may be seen as darkness to another person who has a darkened mind.

Spiritually speaking, darkness is not a real thing within itself.  Darkness is only the absence of Light.

Truth is Light.  Spiritual darkness is the absence of Truth.  Christ Jesus is the Truth, the light of the world.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

The urgent trumpet blowing from God is a call to rally together to the LIGHT that dissolves the darkness that is shrouding the gates of revelation.

Please be patient with me as we look at some of the current conditions and some of what God is not saying and what God is saying in this word.  Some reading this may not yet have ears to hear some of what is said, and that is okay.  However, please just pass on by something if you as yet do not have ears to hear it and keep on reading.  That part may just not be for you at this time.  We each are different parts of the body and therefore will hear the part we need for who we are in Him and where we are in Him at the moment.

There is a great darkness upon much of the hearts and minds of the people of the world including many Christians.  The darkness has blinded their eyes to the revelation of deeper truth.  They see as light the darkness that is consuming their lives, their families, their nations and that threatens to release upon them the vilest and most murderous regime of evil bondage of death and devastation that probably many of us have never known or even heard of in our lifetimes.

The enemy’s plan is to cause an uprising of marauding hordes of screaming evil spirit driven masses killing, stealing, burning, raping, and destroying everything we valued in life.  The enemy’s objective is to destroy the name of Jesus and stop the advancing of the Kingdom of God on earth.

When we see with our natural eyes the evil forces arising from within and from outside our nations, it may be too late to humble ourselves and turn from our darkened selfish pleasure seeking ways in order to save our nations.  However, it will not be too late for the kingdom of heaven.  The Kingdom of God will never be defeated and will eventually fill the earth with the rule of the love and the authority of God in King Jesus.  It is the nations, especially the western nations that are in danger of being lost, not the Kingdom of God.

God is not saying here today to rise up against this great evil attacking our nations.  He is not saying today to suit up and get out our swords and spiritually or naturally attack the armies that are arising against us and our nations.  These armies of evil destruction are the result of our real problem.  They are not our first problem.  The call to rally has to do with attacking our primary problem that allows all of the others to exist.

In the current general condition of the church, all of the spiritual or natural warfare we could muster would be no match against the fierce enemy’s religious/political forces seeking to rule the world.

Our problem is the general spiritual condition of the church and subsequently the people of our nations.

Fragmented into hundreds of thousands of sectarian groups, divided asunder in religious systems that are contaminated with fallen world ways and void of the manifest presence of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit, we lack the power of the presence of God to be light and salt – the Truth and the Light to enlighten the darkened world and dissolve the darkness with the Truth and the Light (Christ Jesus).

God is also not saying for us to get our doctrines straightened out and come into agreement.  The lack of unity is also a result or symptom of our real problem.

God is not saying to press for unity among the fragmented church.  Disunity and division is only a result of our deeper real problem.  There is no intellectual or human reasoning or striving that will bring about Spirit unity.

God is saying for us (all believers) to rally together in the one thing, the one reality that will clear the darkness away: RALLY TOGETHER TO THE NAME OF JESUS!  Rally under the One Name, the one thing that is the TRUTH and the LIGHT.


God is saying that now is the time for all Christians of every tribe and every tongue and every denomination or sect to RALLY UNDER THE ONE NAME OF JESUS AND PRAY.  Forget about who they are or what they are or what they might or might not believe.  If they honor Jesus, if they name the name of Jesus and seek to follow Him, rally together with them one and all and pray together.

When we do this the darkness that shrouds the gates of revelation in the people will begin to fade away.  The revelation of what is truly going on and who we really are in JESUS will be clearly seen.  The people of God will be able to see that there is one banner, one flag over all of us, and it is the banner of LOVE, the LOVE of CHRIST JESUS filling our hearts.  Vast armies of angels will be released to defeat all enemies of TRUTH and the LIGHT, and His glory shall fill the earth.

Let me be perfectly clear, the powerful anti-Christ marauders will continue to subversively infiltrate and eventually arise with severe violence to overrun the nations of the world destroying all Christian religion, unless we make some major changes now. God has made a way to avoid this devastation. It is possible that the plan and work of God could be accomplished in a much less painful manner.

The first step in avoiding some of the most severe devastation and possibly saving our nations is for all believers to lay down their Christian religious church system teachings and rally together with all other believers to worship Jesus and cry out to God to change us by His Spirit.

Multitudes gathering in stadiums, open fields, in homes, businesses, empty warehouse buildings, in the town common, or wherever to worship God and bow at the feet of Jesus and at His bidding arising to be embraced by Him to become one with Jesus in intimate relationship.  I am talking about entering into the fullness of Spirit in and with God without religious form or formality or religious prejudice.

God will meet with us like He has never been able to do in our religious system church structure that divided us and hindered true Spirit growth into the supernatural Spirit reality of the Kingdom of God.  The greatest mystery of God’s LOVE will come upon us and rise up within us that will change us and endue us with His power and wisdom.

Great revelations of love, power, and wisdom will bring God’s strategies for the equipping and empowering of all who “will” turn to God and His Truth and Light (JESUS) with their whole hearts.  There shall nothing remain that lifts itself against God and His one pure holy Bride on earth.  The Kingdom of God on earth shall reign and of His kingdom there shall be no end.

All of the differences will be dissolved in the glorious results of all of us rallying under the one name: JESUS.  We don’t get together to absolve differences; we gather together with ALL who name the name of Jesus to PRAY and to seek Him in His manifest presence.

The presence of God in and among His people is the complete resolution of all that comes against or hinders the Kingdom of God in our lives and in the world.  Access to all the provisions of heaven are open and available to us in His manifest presence in us and among us to complete all He has given us to be and to do.

The presence of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is the New Covenant equivalence of the Ark of God in the Old Covenant.

More about the ark of His presence in the next article.  To be continued.


~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 62 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the OpenHeaven.com Digest.

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