Leaders: Assemble your Team!

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Leaders: Assemble your Team!

Leaders assemble your team.  Know the position of those that are chosen to bring the vision to completion.  You need to know:

1.   Your administrative vessels.

Those that are able to strategized plan organize and delegate authority but yet know how to work as a team.  These include directors secretaries administrator budget planners etc.

2.   Your skillful workers.

Those that have the zeal and passion to perform the tasks of labor.  They are willing to roll up their sleeves and do what is necessary to keep the vision going in the time frame of God alignment.

3.   Your personal intercessors.

Those that keep a spiritual eye on everything in the atmosphere.  These are the ones that don’t want positions titles but quietly stay hidden praying and standing in the gap for the people as well as guarding the progress spiritually of the vision.

4.   Your financial experts.

These are the skillful stewards of the finances.  Their job is to make sure that the monies are spent properly and wisely.  They provide financial advice and directions as well as keeping a watchful eye so that there is no wasteful spending.  They also work with the budget planning.

5.   Your foundation experts.

Those that lay down the necessary spiritual moral fiber of a church.  You definitely need the prophet which establishes and reinforce the Apostle’s doctrine.  They correct and help activate others into their calling.  You need the Evangelist when you need to stir up the fire zeal and turning hearts to God.  Teachers to strengthen through discipline to teaching the word of truth and equipping and helping enabling and empowering others for ministry.

6.   Your outreach people.

These are the ones that help bridge the gap between the ministry and the community.  They analyze the condition of the community and come up with strategies and plans that will help with evangelism in different aspects and different cultural and racial mixture.

7.   Your Ministry Council team.

These are the ones that take care of the overall responsibility of making sure that there the ministry is up to the standards of the word and will of God.  They handle making sure morality is intact handle disputes disagreements handle responsibility of the overall maintenance of the vision.  Make judgements concerning the success and operations of the ministry.  They are the brainstormers who see establishes any changes expansion etc of the ministry. They recommend leaders to help with the oversight of the vision.  They work to establish order.

There are other areas that you may need for your vision because each vision is different.  Just make sure you have faithful trustworthy dedicated committed workers on the team.  Nothing is worst than thinking you can depend on somebody when they are not dependable vessels with a passion and a mind to work.

Approachability and Accessibility

Sometimes as leaders we become to convenient for the people.  We allow ourselves to become to spiritually accessible to them, which causes them to become spiritually lazy.

Instead of them praying or seeking God, they will pick up the phone and call you for you to pray and seek God for their answers.  They will sit back and allow you to do all their spiritual work for them, because they don’t want to take the time and effort to do it themselves.

They will even call you and ask you to fast with them, then they will eat, because they know you fasting.  Sometimes you have to put your spiritual foot down and provoke them into seeking God for their own spiritual welfare.

I will never forget that someone used to always call me for prayer, until one day when they called, The Lord said “Don’t pray.”   As they told me their problems, the Spirit of The Lord said, “Tell them you not praying for them anymore, until they learn to pray to God for themselves.”  

He said you have become their god, because you are the one they run to.  I began to tell them what The Lord said, and you guess it, they start saying God would never tell you not to pray for me, God will not tell you to say that to me.

My words to them were this, “As long as I allow you to come to me instead of God, then I am your god, your idol that you have created, to take His place.”   They begin to accuse me then of being a unfeeling leader, of being prideful, thinking I was too good to pray for people.  They went out to other pastors and talked about me and called me all kinds of names – wrote nasty texts and emails, but I stood my ground.

Other leaders who wanted them in their congregation, came in agreement with them and help keep them in rebellion.  Eventually they began to do them the same way, and the leader had to come back and repent to me, for coming in agreement with them against me.

Leaders, we are not helping the people when we allow them to make us their spiritual crutch, or their own personal private intercessor.  Because most leaders have a compassionate heart, they tend to allow those under them to lean on them too much, especially when it seems they really need them.

We must learn balance; when to hold on and help walk them through something when God is saying this not their battle, or when God is saying they have to go through a thing. I

f those in leadership are not careful, they will begin to become controlling of a person life, because they depend on them to much.

It’s our job as a leader, to point them always to seeking God for themselves; to pray to God, before picking up the phone, always calling us, and to know that you are not God but just someone God uses when they are stuck.

If we don’t learn how to set spiritual boundaries, we are going to find ourselves being opposed by God.  After all, God is a jealous God and He doesn’t want them seeking you more than they are seeking Him!

Obedience to the LORD

If no one ever confirms that a word you spoke came to pass; if no one ever testifies that they received a blessing from sowing into your vision; if no one ever says they received their breakthrough when you preached; if no one ever says that they were delivered or healed through your prayers, the most important thing is you obeyed The Lord and spoke and did what you were commanded to do.

If your motivation to obey God, is governed by the praise, applause, and accolades of men, then you are not ready for ministry.

It’s not about recognition, finances, titles, positions, it’s about doing the will of God and the work He has called you to do to bring glory to God’s name His kingdom and winning souls!

Obeying God and being pleasing to Him is one of my greatest passion.  I love The Lord with every fiber of my being.  Feeling so much love from The Lord this morning and just sitting in His lap resting in His arms.

There is something going on in the atmosphere this morning something so awesome the impartations of wisdom and revelation the words that are being spoken the things He is revealing.

Preparation for His coming is so very important to me right now; doing what He says in complete submission is so heavy on me seeing souls saved the Body of Christ restored to godly order is burning within me like a great fire.  The passion of teaching His word and seeing lives changed is a driving force.

My goodness, He has ignited a greater passion, fire, and desire within me this morning.  I see great things taking place great moves of God supernatural manifestations of miracles signs wonders angels on assignment performing the duties of The Lord on behalf of the people.

I’m excited, because even though we are in the last days and trouble is all around I’m in peace because my focus is on living so I can see my Savior.  I’m living for things eternal. Staying focus no distractions no time for foolishness no time to deal with pettiness time is of the upmost importance every second counts to me.

I have to work while it’s day while I can touch as many persons lives as I can with the gospel.  People get in a hurry obey The Lord do what God has called you to do.  THIS IS IT!!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.
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