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  1. “If they cannot control you, these will seek to destroy your reputation, character, nature and even kill your body.  Woe be unto these who target My flock!” You bring it to the point.
    After years of being in a special “ministry”, that I never planned or thought I would have, unless the LORD revealed me through many dreams, signs and wonders and in thousands of times through responding me, giving direct guidance through His Holy Words, I now recognize in first or second sentences of everyone, if his or her motives are coming from a pure heart or out of pride, or at least for reasons that they want to have the last say. Many do not recognize, that they wrote their own judgments when reacting immediately contradictly. May the Lord grant them mercy when they come before His feet. He said: “”Woe to them !” But when they return in repentance, He can change His mind, as He did for many, as we can read in the Holy Scriptures.

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