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Haman, Your Gallows are Waiting on You! — 1 Comment

  1. Sister, I fully agree with you what you share today! The Spirit of jealousy, sabotage and fiercy opposition even now is around me even harder, as I get out of poverty. Last night I was under heavy attacks, I say, spiritual AND physical. They, the hidden agents, have much power and technical tools. I coulndn^t breath as usual, had to cough, and when I woke up, a medicine, a pill was at the ground at the side of my sleeping room, which I did not notice before sleep for I was really tired. I picked it up and saw, it was a heavy doses ant-allergic pill ! I immediately called a strong friend and informed my son. They cause sicknesses, and this is even Bill gates agenda. I found an article where they have vaccines already tested and they use it worldwide on people with RELIGIOUS fundamentalists. By aerosols, and by poisoning food in the houses and bringing virus and bacteria into the homes of those who they want to get silenced or dead. My whole family is under sudden heavy health attacks. On my table was a note: “What^s next”.. they give their evil signs, they do minimal changes in the house. Thank you all for every prayer. The Ynti-Christ society wants to eleminate the true Christians. They want to prevent us to warn about the microchip.
    Many did not believe me or could not believe it. It is end time. We must all be prepared and take more care, day and night.

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