Haman, Your Gallows are Waiting on You!


Haman, your gallows are waiting on you!

“Sometimes what people are building, is their own demise.”  Those are the words that the Spirit of The LORD spoke concerning a dream I had this morning.

In this hour, we not only have to pay attention to what is spoken, but also to what is being shown.

Many of you will receive warnings, directions, instructions, in your dreams and visions in this hour.  Know that God doesn’t want anything to come upon you unaware.

Some of your dreams will include those you know well and He will reveal their deceit their motives their plots these dreams are not always for you to reveal to those involved because they will attempt to give you a false interpretation to throw you off about them.

Some things are not for you to tell in this season especially concerning your elevation promotion blessings and increase.

The spirit of jealousy sabotage and treason will increase in this hour as God promotes and demotes sets down and lifts up as the last becomes first and the first becomes last.

Anger and rage will overtake the heart of those who will see God bring forth those that have no name, no title, and no secret agendas, as they receive favor with God and with men.

Some will become an object of persecution by persons they don’t know.  They will have a vendetta against them, for no other reason then they feel like you have invaded their territory.

Some will go into regions where people will receive them at first, and then the leaders will turn against them, because of the impact that will be made in the life of the people.  And once you leave, they will attempt to discredit your name and destroy your character to keep you out the region.

Keep obeying The LORD and going forth!   God is with you and have given you the territory and land to gain for His Kingdom.

Go in destroy the spirits of religion, Baal, Jezebel, Mammon, Babylon and shemale.  These spirits will be heavy in regions in this hour controlling the people minds and hearts pushing them into areas of deceit and manipulation against those who oppose their ungodly unholy behavior.

Those who have zero tolerance for sin and unrighteousness, who preach a non-compromising word, will be greatly targeted by those in church leadership.

Gear up and be ready for a religious war with denominations and religions when God sends you into regions and nations that have allowed the sins of the world to become the ways of the church.

Opposition will be fierce.  Tempers will flare up wherever you go.  Unprovoked attacks against your ministry will come forth.  You will hear open accusations against your character and will be challenged in the church by those who don’t really want freedom.

Leaders will oppose you, because God will send you to accomplish what they have not been able to do, and they will openly defy and rebel against you and the word God will give you to set the people free.

Be prepared.  Make sure you only take the assignments that God has ordained for you.  Some of you, God is rearranging your assignments right now.  Don’t be disturbed as revivals, conferences and events are cancelled.  God is doing it for your protection and His divine will.

Timing and Season is important, because He doesn’t want you to be out of His perfect will in this hour.

Stay strong stay focus keep your eyes and ears open to the will and voice of God.  He is moving you just have to make sure that you are moving at the exact time He is!

The NEW has been released.  Get ready for greater challenges, responsibilities and work!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Haman, Your Gallows are Waiting on You! — 1 Comment

  1. Sister, I fully agree with you what you share today! The Spirit of jealousy, sabotage and fiercy opposition even now is around me even harder, as I get out of poverty. Last night I was under heavy attacks, I say, spiritual AND physical. They, the hidden agents, have much power and technical tools. I coulndn^t breath as usual, had to cough, and when I woke up, a medicine, a pill was at the ground at the side of my sleeping room, which I did not notice before sleep for I was really tired. I picked it up and saw, it was a heavy doses ant-allergic pill ! I immediately called a strong friend and informed my son. They cause sicknesses, and this is even Bill gates agenda. I found an article where they have vaccines already tested and they use it worldwide on people with RELIGIOUS fundamentalists. By aerosols, and by poisoning food in the houses and bringing virus and bacteria into the homes of those who they want to get silenced or dead. My whole family is under sudden heavy health attacks. On my table was a note: “What^s next”.. they give their evil signs, they do minimal changes in the house. Thank you all for every prayer. The Ynti-Christ society wants to eleminate the true Christians. They want to prevent us to warn about the microchip.
    Many did not believe me or could not believe it. It is end time. We must all be prepared and take more care, day and night.