He frankly, forgave them both


It’s not a new story; but it might be new, to those who need to hear it today.  The Lord, gave one of his followers, a certain scenario; a creditor, had 2 debtors.  If one has never had a debt, the words that were spoken here, have little or no meaning.  I don’t think most of us were born with a silver spoon, so it’s likely, we’ve all seen a time, when we didn’t have the money to pay something that was due.  It just may have been a small bill, or perhaps, a much larger one.

In this case, one owed a large amount, and the other a small amount.  The thing that made them equal, is that both, had nothing to pay it with.  The question the Master asked, was, “Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most?”  Simon replied, “I suppose, that he to whom he forgave most.”  Jesus answered, “You have judged rightly.”  There’s no doubt, that there are some, who will not like this story; likely, those who feel they have never done a lot of wrong.  Or, perhaps, those who have forgotten that they did.

A few verses down, the Lord was sitting at dinner, in the house of a man who was likely a bit self-righteous.  The alabaster box account.  This guy thought, if this Jesus was really the prophet they say He is, he would have known what kind of woman was touching Him.  Note, that the Lord told this man clearly, that this sinful person, did a lot of things for Him, that the man of the house had not bothered to do.  Now, we need to let the Spirit, take us to whatever place He wants us to go with this message; let Him speak.

I was struck just now when Jesus said, her sins, which are many, are forgiven. “For she loved much.”   It will never be correctly said, that many of us, never loved people.  We may have loved the wrong ones, and we may have reaped the whirlwind for loving things that were not good for us, but we loved; nonetheless.

Loving the wrong things and the wrong people, can get us in a lot of trouble.  Not loving ourselves, as we should, can lead to a long list of bad choices and mistakes; but, loving ourselves too much, can also.  We can also forget the pit, from whence we were dug.  Too many do.

“But to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.”   Sheltered people, often don’t think they have sinned much.  It’s likely because their measure of sin, is linked to things, only seen from the outside.  Let’s not argue the point; in a good spirit.  I love the Lord today, more than I ever thought it was possible for me.  And much of the reason might be, that I know how many things He has forgiven me for, and where He has brought me from; the terrible messes, He delivered me out of, and still does.

We’re all sinners; we were all born into sin.  Self-righteousness, usually results, from thinking we don’t sin; or, forgetting that we did.  Lord have mercy on me; a sinner.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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