I woke up hearing heavenly music and knew that the Lord had something to tell me.  I asked Him who is this word for and when, and He replied: “It is for my People living in America at this time.  I am coming to help them”.

I saw many coming marching as an Army [Remnant Army].  They will not break rank, but will all march in rows.  They will march to the beat of my heart moving forward for me, laying waste the enemy as they go.

“Those who DO NOT KNOW ME will FALL DOWN FLAT, because they do not follow me.  They will not know what hit them as we pass by, for it is my Spirit that will sweep forth in judgment.

It is [Fire] smoldering right now but it will burst out in flames and My love [Crystal clear Love for all to see] will flow through the streets and still the enemy.  The enemy will not be able to rise [to fight], My presence will be so strong.  Only those grounded in me with absolute confidence will be able to live and move with Me.

Lift up your eyes, lift up your countenance, the King of Glory is on his way.  The journey is long and tedious, but I am coming [to help] My people.  My People are rising, and when I arrive they will meet me and we will flow as one, are you ready?  They will not break rank come what may, they will be unstoppable. [ I thought about the Remnant]

Its time to assemble, begin to assemble coming together in my name.  Do not get lax, rise and assemble.  Put on the battle array and be ready for my call to come together, it will not be much longer.

Tell them Celeste:  They need to get it in their head what we are doing.”


I have written this Word as I heard it.  Lord Bring forth this word and bring encouragement and boldness to rise up with you.


~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey



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