He Who Lives Unto Himself Must Die to Himself!


He who lives unto himself must die to himself – don’t fight the process of death that must come (to you) to produce his life (in you)!

At least in part, 2018 is about beginning to receive fullness of our inheritance on earth.

This begins by internal order emerging through chaos, as restlessness gives way to rest.

Rest is characterized by lack of worry, which can only come when we realize God has “all things” covered in our lives.

We no longer worry about people (or what they think), or things (what we will eat or drink – own, lose, achieve for ourselves, etc.,).

We grant God permission to be “all things” to us, for us, in us, about us – He truly becomes our ALL!

Life enters a new dimension on earth as we begin to live as in heaven – without care, or doubt, or fear, or concern for anything.

We know we are protected, provided for, enriched, engulfed in His love and presence.

We are fulfilled because we are filled full – He is our healer, our energy, our strength, disposition, motivator, guide, enabler, provider: His is ALL we need.

Any circumstance contrary to the word in my life is contrary to His will in my life, therefore the authority of the word in me rules until the circumstance changes.

I have been given dominion and authority over all things in the earth: I was sent here to reign and rule, to maintain (not manage) the garden of my life – my job is maintenance (obedience), not management (striving).

I have learned not to steady the ark with the work of my own hands, lest I bring death (the curse) back upon me and my family.

I have learned that complete surrender is ‘the key’ that completely unlocks my full inheritance just as a real key to a real safe unlocks the last will and testament of my parents gift to me.

I have learned that the key of surrender is the mental understanding of ‘letting it happen’ as opposed to ‘making it happen’ – letting things come to me instead of me running after them.

To totally surrender is to grant God permission to be LORD in and of your life.


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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