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Heads Will Roll at the Sound of The Lion’s Roar! — 8 Comments

  1. The prophecy that you gave back on January 16th of the Joker, the Queen and the Kings stolen crown jumped out at me like no other. Ever since I have been watching and waiting for the signs from your dream.
    This is a good word! Yay God!
    Love you,

  2. Thank you for this word. This is so deep especially at this time. I pray for God to open my eyes and heart to what I need to understand and wull continue to pray about. May God be glorified! Blessings

  3. After reading the very beginning of this word before the interpretation that soon follows, I had interpreted the “Crown” as the House of Windsor and the “Clown” as the UK’s present Prime Minister, as this is how he is – perhaps, misleadingly – described.  The fact that Veronika later refers to “nations” rather than to just the single nation of the United States suggests that my interpretation may be a parallel one rather than a misinterpretation?

    I hope this is so, because the UK is now in very dire straits; the UK Church – other than the unknown intercessors – has failed; and that situation is so now pressing that our only hope is an immediate intervention by the Lord Himself rather than in the eventual and rightful inauguration of Donald Trump.

  4. I have to admit to being confused by this word. The title and the rest do not seem connected?? I also didn’t understand how the discussion of 43 related to either the Joker and the Queen dream or the title or the conclusion about new covenant vs old covenant. Not trying to be a shill or anything. I have been blessed by many of your posts, this one escapes me.

  5. Any time Christians allow Satanic strongholds to remain in their lives, their loyalties are divided and they walk as double-minded people, wavering between the Living God and Baal, the New Jerusalem and the old. So the struggle continues from individual souls to whole nations!

    Thanks for the Word, my sister! God’s blessings and continued anointing on you! Good on ya, mate!

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