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His Judgement Upon The Nations — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Mena,
    Has God shown you what the second and third waves are? You touched on it, but didn’t return to the thought.  Thank you.

  2. Greetings Prophetess Grebin,
    Thank you for being obedient in sharing what Thus saith the Lord in these times.  I read the above plus watched the video and can you please add a little more clarity around what the 3 phases will be?  I may have not understood.
    So we are now in the time of pestilence with the virus and then there will be a drought.  So what is the 3rd?
    I ask because God has spoken to me as well re: an earthquake of epic proportions and it will shake the foundations of the world to invoke people’s hearts towards God.  As you say, He dis. Kt tell me when this would occur. He says we are living in cataclysmic times and the world will never be the same.  He has chosen this generation(s) ( I. E. Baby Boomers, millennials gen 10, X, Y, and Z) to see the judgment of God.
    Please explain more the 3 waves.  Yours truly.  Deb

  3. Would you please pray about speaking via conference line on April 17, 18 or 19th on a 3 day shut in of fasting & praying @ Prayer House International Church in Memphis Tennessee

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