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His River of Life — 2 Comments

  1. God has been reaching out to his people. Whilst reading the book of Galatians. The word lept out of the page saying Walk, in the spirit, live in the spirit, be led by the spirit and sow to the spirit. I prayed to God for the revelation of the depths of these. I want all what God has in store for me and to be obedient in doing things, but most of all the empowerment and grace to do them in entirety.
    On the 30.12.2019:I Woke up and heard, like a song/sound repeating, Come to the river and/that flows. This I believe was God reaching out in Invitation to me to come and partake in what he is releasing now and your word just confirms this. I want to bask daily in the river. I want it to flow through me and I ask that you can join me in prayer for this.

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