Hold Thy Peace!


Hold thy peace, at the presence of the LORD.  But ye that did cleave unto the LORD your God, are alive every one of you this day.

We saw what we saw; the things we were meant to see.  Those who cleave to the LORD, are alive.  There is little doubt today, that the things that were placed in us by God, are still there.  Yes, many have left the old paths and turned to the ways of men.  But those who kept clinging to Him, even if it was in secret, they yet abide.

If we are truly following the lead of the Spirit, we are going to be asked to do some things we might rather not do.  If it is about some word of correction or reproof, we might wish to shy away from it.

If we genuinely follow Him, we do not get to pick and choose only the things we want to say.  Too many, are already doing that.  When the people say, prophesy something good and soothing to us, these will do just that.  Now, we musn’t upset anyone; only speak of those things that do not offend anybody.  Don’t try to make people, uneasy.

The world of new technology, is both good, and bad.  Let’s say that you want to click around to certain conferences or special services.  It’s as though you get to sit right there; it’s almost like it is live to you.

Many things have changed.  If you do travel to those places via the internet, you will see just how much things are not as they were.  Here we go.  The music in many churches, has been transformed to something a far kin from the way we used to sing and worship.  As you surf around, you’ll see the same stage settings; almost identical.

I sometimes wonder, if any of these in leadership or in some form of directing, ever go back and watch and listen to what occurred.  We are not being cruel, nasty or judgmental here.  Discerning and observing things, is a right; and proper for the entire body of Christ.

Do we not recall, that even the apostles, told us to watch and to be aware, of those who were not as they appeared to be.  If someone is genuinely seeking after the Holy Ghost, you cannot take away their discernment.  Silence them maybe; but not their spiritual ability.

There is a total difference in those who listen to the Holy Ghost, and follow Him in every way they can.  You see, what you don’t know, the Holy Ghost will teach you; just as the Word said He would.  Was He not to lead us and guide us.

You don’t have to be a professional in this; as He promised, the Holy Ghost will lead and guide.  What many of us are seeing today, is what men are leading.  You cannot direct or channel the Holy Spirit.  He is the director, and He does not follow men’s wishes or programming.  He leads, we follow.  Always.

Zephaniah told the people, to “hold thy peace at the presence of the LORD:” How lightly some can trample on God’s territory.  Need we be reminded, that we cannot act just any way we want to, in the real house of the LORD.

When the Spirit wants to settle upon a place, we are to stop; call everything else to a halt.  It’s time for Him to reveal himself; not our self.  Is there such a thing as running and dancing too much; isn’t there supposed to be a balance somewhere.  It is those deeper moves of the Spirit, that changes our entire being.

We cannot shout and travail, at the same time.  Is it possible to be so loud and cranked up, that we cannot hear the voice of the LORD.  We must hear from Him today.

Those who are truly gifted of God, are seeing and hearing differently than many standing almost in the same spot.  How spiritual do we really want to be today.  And just because we might not want the deeper things of God, doesn’t mean that others don’t.

There is a desperate need, for us to hold our peace, and listen to the voice of the Spirit.  And do what He says do.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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Hold Thy Peace! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Mr. Blackburn,

    I thank God that you are preaching now as God called you to do.
    I too ran from Him and my calling for too many years.
    “Who is that coming up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?
    Yes that is me.
    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you.