Holiness is the Only Way!


Holiness is the only way!  A call to righteous living!


There is no need of calling on my name and quoting the scripture of my word while you continue to live a life of sin.  This is a declaration to all people and all nations!  I am not impressed by your vain words, worship, and praise!

Stop pretending to honor me in front of men with your lips when you know that your hearts are far from serving me!  You are planning to sin this very moment even as I speak to you!  Repentance is in order and needed before it is too late.

No man knows the day nor the hour when I shall call him into judgement, nor when I will send my son to return.  I will never overlook sin for anyone.  I did not behold and look upon sin on my own son on the cross!  I will not condone sin of any kind.

I sent my Son to die and to redeem you of your sins.  He now sits at my right hand and intercedes on your behalf.  You have a high priest who consistently pleads your case day and night.  I will not let the work of My Son be in vain!  Accept Him as Lord of your life.  Receive the salvation that He came to offer.

I sent Him to bring you the gift of eternal life!  It is holiness or hell.

Without holiness, no man will see my face.  Yes, I will bless you and I will bless abundantly, but blessings of any kind do not supersede My will for you to live holy.  You must live a life seeking Me and My holy ways!

I am a holy God, so therefore you must be a holy people.  I have said in my Word that above all things, I would that you prosper, even as your soul prosper.  No man can get around living a holy life.  I have become very disappointed in my servants who are preaching and teaching and praying for worldly materials goods over salvation and repentance for your souls!

There is nothing wrong with having material things, but I don’t won’t it to take priority in your heart.  You must first seek My kingdom and its righteousness and all these other things will be added.

When I send word to My faithful I am talking to those who serve me and are sold out to Me.  They are entitled to My favor, blessings and promises.  My promises to them are Yes and Amen and I will bless them abundantly!  I will bless them because they refuse to live a life that is not pleasing to me.  They seek my face, my heart, and my will.  They meditate on my word both day and night, and so you must live a life that is pleasing to me.  They can be trusted to take the blessings and use it to win souls and to up-build my kingdom.

Religion and holiness are not the same.  I don’t care for religion, for I am a holy God, not a religious God.

Religion and entertainment are filling my churches and they are powerless to win souls.  These institutions of man are not ordained by Me and are serving a self-made agenda!  My commandments are not based on the religion of man.

My word is my word.  My word is the frame for the foundations of the world.  Without it, heaven and earth will pass away!  My word was here long before man and his self-made religion.  They are full of man ideas and traditions that have nothing to do what i require for your living a holy life!  Even those in the Church hide behind their own sins.  They can’t lead the people for the sins that’s smothering their own hearts!

Some believe that their sins are hidden from me, but they are deceiving themselves.  I see your sins and I see them embedded in the confines of your heart.  Some think that they are deceiving me with their empty worship and words.

You constantly sin and do and live as you please as long as everything is fine.  This is why you have no defense and no power against the stronghold of the enemy.  Then when calamities and hardships hit your lives, you find you run to the pastors, prophets and other servants to intercede on your behalf.

Well,  just to let you know, no one can intercede for you when you are living a life of sin.  No one can pray for anything in your life until you come into complete alignment with my word.  Nothing or nobody will make me move outside of my will.

I am God Almighty and I am in control of all things.  I don’t want to hear the prayers of any man that is not repenting with a sincere heart.  Some want to pretend they are sorrowful and repentant when inwardly they are deceiving their own selves.  I know when a heart is sincere and repentant.  This is why man can only see the outward appearance of man, but I can see the very heart, intent, and motives of man.  I see that your heart is harden against me.  Break up the hard fallow grounds and let My Word be rooted in your hearts!

The day is soon coming when I will send my Son to step through the clouds with a reward for every man.  Each man will be rewarded for his own word, deeds, and actions, whether they are good or bad.  In that day, no one will have an excuse or a chance to repent of their evil ways.

I am sending you warnings now to turn from your wicked ways and come to me.  The day that you hear my voice, don’t reject my plea.  I am calling you through my prophets and servants.

You are receiving this warning before destruction becomes your final destination.  Come now, repent of your sins and serve me, the Lord God Almighty.

My spirit will not always strive with man!  It’s holiness or hell and there is no other option. It’s holiness or hell… holiness and righteous living is the only way… the choice is up to you!!


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine Coleman imageGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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  1. 1 Peter 1:16
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    16 For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am holy.