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Hopelessly in Love With You! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, so beautiful are your words spoken this day, Abba, so encouraging to my heart, spirit, soul, mind, and body, uplifting, are your words, I do not take lightly, for it is pure, it is love for me, which penetrates deeply from within my heart, oh how I adore you, how I love you, how I rejoice forevermore in you always, for you are life to me, my heart is full of all you have called me to be. I’m so in love with you also, and I love how you have spoken it here to me, makes my heart happy with songs of deliverance wraping all around me, your presence, so real, so awesome I am overwelmed in you, your Greatness, in all that you are, is so so wonderful, it blows me away. I thank you for the good things you are so ready to give to me. The key of my heart is unlatched, my Abba, it is waiting, for you, Surprise me, I love surprises, for I know that it is headed my way into a suddenly, for you are the God, od Suddenlies!
    Wow, so beautiful, as you shared precious one, what was on the Father’s heart, this day , for it is so special, for me, to have visted here, and I thank you, may his abounding love, and favor be upon you this day!!

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