Touching Jesus


She had been suffering for years.  It says that she had been to many different doctors; each one of them seemed to have some other kind of treatment.  None of their cures or their treatments worked.  And further, all the money she had, had been spent, and she was only getting worse.

I guess none of us really knows how we are going to feel or respond, until there is no more hope.  It’s when reaching Him, is the only answer left.  We’ve already tried it all.  We are way past, the end of our rope.  We can’t last.

We’ve not only talking about a sick physical body here.  Our minds as well as our spirits, can get bruised and battered.  I feel led to stop and say, that most of us are not going to accept the true “gifts” of healing, until we are mentally and spiritually depleted.

I’m afraid that most people do not have mercy on those who have emotional and spiritual problems, until it knocks on the door at their house.  It may be, that one problem so many have, is that they seem to have a lack of mercy and compassion.  You see, you don’t really know what is in the trench, until you have been in the trench yourself.  Literally.

Not so long ago, in the near distant past, I had come to an end.  I was actually flat on my face on the floor; and I could not get up.  It doesn’t matter so much today whether our end has come as a result of our own undoing, or the woes and troubles of this life.

I’m not sure where we got this idea, that God does not have mercy on us if we mess up.  It’s our fault, so it’s going to take a lot longer for Him to feel our plight.  Only few folk are honest and open enough, to admit that there was a time when they were so ill and lost, they did not have sense enough or strength enough, to even repent.

It’s hard to get up, when you don’t even want to.  There’s a song that is old today, about going down for the last time.  Again, it is not very important, what your own personal situation is; we each have our own bottom.  I called Him.

If we are going to touch Jesus, we are going to have to be honest with Him; at least as much as we can.  It’s not about feeling like you can’t get up; it’s about knowing that you can’t.  There was no strength left; not one drop of desire or motivation.  It may be possible, that we are not going to know the true depths of who He really is, until there is no one left but Him.

What if we called on the LORD, and He didn’t come.  What if He was like some of us have become.  One of the reasons that He gave himself for us, was so we could turn and give that same mercy and compassion, back to others.  One of the real reasons He forgives us today, is so that we will forgive those who offend us.  Thus, love others, as “I” have loved you.  Forgive others, as I have forgiven you.

Heal others, as I have healed you.  Minister to someone else, as He has ministered to us.  Give back, what He has given.  If we don’t do that, what makes us think He will come, the next time we need Him.

Do you remember when Jesus was passing by this blind man?  When he realized it was Him, he began to call out to him.  And he kept shouting it out, “Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me.”  He was scolded by those who could see, and told to be quite.  But he wouldn’t stop, until Jesus came to him.

I cried, “Jesus, if you don’t come, I won’t ever get up from here.”  And He came to me.

I know Him, because He’s come before.  He was about to kneel down on his knees where I was laying. I  said, no LORD, you don’t have to come down here where I am.  He reached down his hand for me.

He took both of my hands, and He stood me up on my feet.  I saw my entire body light up and I was completely filled with fresh oil.

A full recovery, did not happen all at once.  I find I’m still in that process; actually helpless, and with no strength on my own.

You see, that’s when He uses us.  There is nothing left to get in the way.  It’s time we quit settling for less; afraid to share our true Spiritual side.

God will handle the false ones.  Expect that which is in us, to grow larger and rise up within us.  The world is looking for His touch.  So are our own brothers and sisters.

I must touch Him today.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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