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How Can We Bring Another Soul Into the Kingdom? — 6 Comments

    • Yes – very encouraging testimony.  We cannot give up encouraging those who are not living as they ought according to the Word, nor can we know another’s heart … thanks, Mena.

  1. Mena Lee, I am so greatful for this awesome testimony.  It touched my heart so much because last year I saw the Lord take home 7 members of my family, including my husband and I saw how He orquestrated their salvation before they went home.  As a result the Lord has given me an evangelistic anointing to share the truth of the gospel to many regarding what the Lord has done in my family.  The gospel became so real to me that He truly is the good and faithful shepherd who left the 99 to go after the one.  All glory and honor to our King Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!!  Many blessings to you and your family!!!

  2. So powerful testimony and reminder of God’s love for a lost & dying world.  It releases hope, faith and courage as we are being sent out by the Lord into the harvest field.
    Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord.  Thank you!!!

  3. Mena I am crying so hard I can’t see to type. Yes the last paragraph says it all but… I am so moved. If you see that sister again give her a hug from me..Dee from South Africa.

  4. Mena Lee, thank you for this wonderful post.  I believe it with all my heart.  I just watched God draw my daughter to Him in the few months before her death.  Praise the holy name of Jesus who died for for us!

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