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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus
    I want to say, I honor and bless the prophets of God, because all of God’s servants are to be honored and blessed, by doing so, we honor and bless God. Needless to say that worship belongs to God. But we also need to test the words given, exactly like while we are wandering, we need to look where to take the next step. Keeping continual love for each other is so important, bearing with each other.
    I lost my dairy, but some time ago, the Lord began to talk to me about Deut. 28, about being obedient every step of the way, I could sense that it was an important period coming. This conversation is going on every moment of every day, I just try not to get stressed about technics and I see why He was talking about His rest recently. Systems are being revealed, I think you all know already about them because I have not been ordered to write about it yet, maybe it is all basics for me to be aware of. God bless you ALL. Lucia Ludvigsen

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