I AM tuning your spirit with Mine! — 4 Comments

  1. Beginning some time this year, I have been reading your messages, exhortations, and edifications for the body of Christ. I can whole heartedly say have been uplifted and blessed in what the LORD says through you. I am glad on what the father is saying and his desire that his children be taught and led by his Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless and prosper you and your family. Grace and peace be with you.

  2. Yesterday I encountered a prophecy that spoke of God visiting His people and some would so be filled with the Holy Spirit that their bodies would be physically changed. I pondered this for some time. This morning in my quiet time I asked the Lord to reveal to me whether such a thing is possible and whether it would happen.  This afternoon I came across your message and I felt the Spirit nudge me that this was personally for me. Thank you so much Ms. Fry for listening and obeying our Savior. He is working through you to touch unlikely people such as myself.

  3. What a glorious words! I thank God everyday for your life my beloved sister. I receive all these words in the Name of Jesus! AMEN

  4. I was just seeking forgiveness.  Things did not go as I thought.  The Holy Spirit was leading me… one thing for a job as a dispatch operator at the Police Station in my city… and I told my sister some things the Lord had delivered me from… she attacked me saying the. ..”my” sinner’s prayer was self righteous and not of God… and I let my flesh speak under my breath… and I Grieved (Dampened) the Holy Spirit…so very very sorry.

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