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I AM Yours and You Are Mine — 5 Comments

    • I thank Abba Father, for using you in such a mighty and powerful way. I have been blessed by your post, not just this post in particular. I tried to incline to the voice of God through the discerning of the Holy Spirit and can appreciate.

  1. Sister Syreeta, I apologize for the terrible spelling of your name. I didn’t proofread after spelling it correctly, of course my dysfunctional spell check on my mobile phone, changed the correct spelling, how embarrassing.
    Please forgive me.

  2. Wow! Praise God! Amen! God bless you dear sister Streets, blessed, highly favored woman of God! This is so on spot with how I tend to feel sometimes, when I’ve come short of the Glory of God, not practicing sin, but allowing the Spirit of anger and the flesh, to get the advantage at times, when I already know, things could’ve went a better way, with allowing the Holy Spirit to fully govern.

    A beautiful message, that actually reached the depths of my heart, giving me a better understanding of God’s Divine Love, Mercy and Grace. Thank you, for being obedient to the Lord Jesus, with sharing His message and heart, so much appreciated. God bless you, bidding you peace, love and blessings!❤️❤️

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