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I Chose your Leader in the White House. Get ready! — 3 Comments

  1. I totally agree,many think they control God but even now He’s trying to reach his people if they will only listen! God is very merciful but knowing God he will always do what he says.We should continue to pray that his people will not let bitterness hold them down,but that they will come to repentance. Many will laugh and make light of this word like they have did for many years,but time will tell. God is setting the stage for His Son’s return “Hallelujah”!!

  2. This is a powerful prophetic word. It resonates strongly with what I have been feeling about what time it is. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This so true I have also felt this was comming.
    Actually I dont know where all this detestable living wil end up.
    But I know what God’s says through His Word.
    For you have been weighed and found wanting.
    Lord please do what You need to do and Bring Your Glory.

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