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“I Do Not Make Any Mistakes!” — 4 Comments

  1. You word by the Holy Spirit ministers to the ladies at Rock Bottom Ranch who get out of being in incarceration. I send as love letter from Jesus and the get the ones God wants them to have and it reaches their heart for there Healing And Deliverance. Thank you for sending them to me each day as My daughter and I are also ministered by them thanks for being obedient to the Lord your labor is not in vain!

  2. 是的,阿们?我非常感动和加添我的信心和力量。非常感谢为主我神,我的王。

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Yes, amen? I was very touched and increased my confidence and strength. Thank you so much for the Lord my God, my King.
    I will fulfill my destiny and mission under the wings of the King of kings.
    I will be very excited and joyful to follow you, my Lord, Lord.” ]

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