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The Heart of Worship is to ‘Behold’ Him — 2 Comments

  1. Ms Jenny, I so thank you for coming by and for the comment.
    I am sure you have imparted much to a lot of people. I agree wholeheartedly about reaching the little children at a early age.
    Thank you again beautiful lady! Big hug and bleesings. Joyce

  2. This touched me so deeply.  I was also crying the whole way through reading this! It is all the musings of my heart and the longings of my heart for the Body of Christ to become true worshippers – to know Him by spending time in the secret place with Him, – to know Him not just know lots of things about Him. So often our children are taught about Him, and not shown how to see Him and meet with Him. My heart is especially drawn to children, and particularly up to the age of 5 when they are still so receptive to hearing from Him, seeing Him and experiencing Him. Like you I am a prophetic intercessor, but firstly, a worshipper.  Thank you for inspiring me to press into the Lord for breakthrough in this area!  I am now 83 .

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