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  1. Sandi, my dear sister, how you have spoken to my life…everything you have said is what I am going through right now. I have been crying, looking back and just don’t know what to do. I thank God for the anointing on your life because you have spoken to my heart. I am greatly encouraged and inspired again to move on and never look back. Thank you so much my sister. May the Lord continue to use you mightily. Shalom!

    • Dear Sis Love, So good to hear from you!!! So glad that this word encouraged you and moved you forward into your rightful position and call!Thanks so much for your kind words to me. I desire to be a servant who is blessed to pass on to others what He shares with you. Thanks you for the blessing and honor. Much love and blessings to you! Sandi Holman

  2. For the ones thrown in the fiery furnace, or the one standing facing the red sea and pharaoh’s army, or for the ones who built an ark and were sitting waiting in the middle of dry land that had never seen or even knew what rain was. To Joseph who spent 7 years preparing for what God told him was coming, here we all stand we see the signs we see some small tremors and shakings roe vs wade, crypto struggling, the media outlets lose of viewers, the polling and the mainstream squawking and finger-pointing at there government, documentaries showing fraud and money disappearing in inflation like a magic show and so on. WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT AND TO BORROW SOMEONES FAMOUS WORDS IT’S GOING TO BE HUGH!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Jay, I always look forward to your valuable input and encouragement that you send to me from the Lord. Many blessings to you my brother. May God continue to fill you up with revelation and may you continue to let it flow!! In His love and grace, Sandi

  3. Eagles are able to fly , SOAR, most of the time without flapping their wings. They soar on a wind current, their wings are heavy and they learn to fly conserving energy. They learn early in life to wait for strong thermals to take off!
    Isaiah 40v31…. Shares the analogy for our Christian walk!
    1. We are the eagle. 2. The wings of the eagle represent our faith and belief in God. 3. The wind thermals the eagles fly on represent the Holy Spirit!
    Zachariah 4v6….” Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirt”, says the Lord.
    The Lord is amazing and simply asking us to hitch a ride with him through the Holy Spirit and we will accomplish all He is asking us to do.
    It is becoming increasingly , openly, apparent in these days that our battle is in the spiritual realm. Thank you Sandi for helping us to discern God’s timing -when to take a leap onto his thermal!!

    • Eagle parents make a nest that is lined with feathers and soft materials to make it comfortable. But when it’s time for the eaglets to leave the nest and learn to fly, the mother kicks out all of the soft material exposing the rough sticks that the nest is built from. The eaglets loose their comfortable home which readies them for leaving the nest and learning to fly. The only way out of their nest, perched up on a high spot, is to take a step of faith and fly.

      • Thanks so much for sharing that rich addition Robert E..good to remember that as the Lord is ruffling up ‘our feathers’ in this hour to be prepared to mount up from a high place and fly high above the clouds. May you always have the EYES of an eagle and the focus needed to fly by faith in this challenging time of ‘pigeons’! Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Greetings dear Sally, Thanks so much for your input and additions to the value and understanding of the many facets God has shown of the Eagle. I appreciate you kind words of encouragement to me as I endeavor to share His heart and discernment as He leads. May God’s richest blessings be yours! Sandi Holman

  4. The Lord has had me (and many I know) in a time of preparation for some time now and these words He spoke so resonated with me…

    It is now time to move forward with a focus that is filled with fiery passion to prepare, pursue, prevail and possess all that has been given for your inheritance.

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging word.

    • Hello again my friend Robert..great to hear from you. So very glad that your spirit witnessed to this word and you are in position to move forward with focus as God enables you to prepare, pursue, prevail and possess all that HE has for you. Great is your reward. May the richness of his blessings be yours and may peace always be the final umpire. Sandi

    • Thanks so much Yvonne. We must in this hour more than ever remember HE is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Much love to you, Sandi

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