It is Not Time to Give Up!

It Is Not Time To Give Up…  It Is Time To Stand…
You Are About To Reap!

“And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.  And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.  And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified of all”   Luke 4:13-15.

The Spirit brought Jesus into the wilderness to test Him, but the enemy came when He was weak to tempt Him to not believe God and asked the question “Hath God not said?”  The temptation in it all is to get you to quit, and believe that God does not love you through whatever you are going through right now.  It is to get you to quit prophesying… It is to get you to stop what you are doing for God, and roll up in a ball in your bed!

The Jezebel spirit comes to bring you to hide under a juniper tree as and be fearful to come out and continue to go forward as did Elijah after his great victory at Mount Carmel in (1 Kings 19:4), also it wants you to think that you are the only one to whom this has happened.  Remember, in your test, God is always trying to promote you.  In a test, the teacher is always silent.  But also remember, in due season, if we faint not, we shall reap! (Galatians 6:9).

This is not the time to quit, but it is time for “having done all to stand… stand with your loins girt about with truth” (Ephesians 6:9).  You see the word loins there is the Greek word for your reproductive parts, but it also means your mind..  If you gird your mind with the word, you won’t believe the enemies lies when he tells you, that “God must not love you because you are going through this!”  and like he told Elijah “you are the only one left!”

God has a new thing.  Don’t look back.  Go forward and know that He loves you just because the Word says so.

See, that is all that Jesus had in the wilderness was God’s word.  Your faith will be tested because not only God, but you, must know that His word is truth, when all starts falling apart.

This is the shaking that is going on in many of our lives right now.  The Word says it feels terrible now, but if you keep standing, you have nothing to lose.  But if you give up you have everything to lose.

I pray for strength for you to continue in your journey with him no matter what happens.

Hebrews 11:13 says that some of them died in faith believing.  Just keep believing and when you do we can not lose because we are not of this world!  it is the time to believe His word blindly and when you do.  You will find it will become a part of you!  It becomes the in-grafted word. Luke 6:48-49 says that those who not only hear His Word but do it, will be those that stand during the storms of life.  Why?  Because you have proven it to be true!  Now, no devil can shake you off of it!


~ by Jo Ellen Stevens
Arise Shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens imageJo Ellen Stevens of TCIC Ministries is a Prophetic speaker, author, worshiper and intercessor.  She has ministered with her husband for 23 years and was a worship leader at the Assembly of God for many years.  She is an ordained minister (Restoration Ministries) and works with Restoration Ministries in their Ministry Rooms doing prophetic worship with her husband.  She has taught many bible studies and have led many intercessory prayer groups.


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