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It Is Through Your Obedience — 2 Comments

  1. AMEN! Thank You My Brother & What a powerful Rhema and Relevant word in this Hour. YES, There is Always a Reward on the other side of obedience, for HE IS a Rewarder of those who diligently Seek HIM! Thank You Lord for Your FAITHFULNESS! Faith, Hope & LOVE- And the GREATEST of these is LOVE! Lord Teach us how to LOVE❣️

  2. Wonderful words of admonision. We should be humble in obedience. It’s a spiritual gift to hear GOD and to live in fear of him, for that is the only way we can walk in obedience not calculating whether we get bountiful rewards or not. Many are living in pure arrogance not knowing they are going to their destruction. A simple instruction, they can’t obey. That’s why I say obedience to GOD is a spiritual gift. One also should discern the spirit behind every prophetic voice. not referring to you as I agree with all you write.

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