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It Is Time to Move on, My People — 11 Comments

  1. This man Brother Hanson has been prophesying for years that civil war was coming to this land and that it would be divided right down the middle and that’s exactly what we are seeing and experiencing….we don’t need the media to tell us this. Why not consider offering up these words before the Lord before you dismiss them as a personal attack….let’s say these are God’s own words coming forth through His prophet, do we wanna kill off God’s messenger….

  2. “I AM the Great Physician and yet these wounds are very deep. It is better to cut off the maimed part rather than entering into the kingdom with diseased parts.“

    Amen.  Just as in the natural, due to the insight and skill of the surgeon to remove, cut away, and seek out invasion of disease into healthy tissues of the body, so will our Great Surgeon who know all things expose, remove, pull down, and root out deception in our nation.  Not until truths are made known can healing begin.  A festering wound can not heal by simply binding it in gauze.  Removing the gauze can be painful and seem counter intuitive, yet that simple act begins the process of healing.  So too will God agitate the enemies of this nation for our spiritual healing.

  3. So what you are saying that the President is responsible for all the drama, division, hatred…your words bring no comfort to persons who are mourning for this country. You think it was Trump who we idolized? You are wrong to make light and call these past years as drama!!

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