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Jesus Wants to Cradle Us in His Arms — 8 Comments

    • Bless you Wong, as you certainly are an encouragement to so many of us here on HKP! May the peace of God surround you as you walk things out. ❤️

  1. Hi Joyce, That childhood song takes me back to Sunday school but have sung it many times since. It is a place of comfort we need even as adults. If we as adults ran as quickly to the Lord perhaps things would be more simple. The secret place really is our hiding place. It is our place of protection and we need to operate out of this place. Being a prophet/ intercessor, watchman is not easy and takes love first and discipline. Scripture says The Lord looked and could find no intercessorOh that we would step up out of the limelight and say, Lord here am I. Thanks Joyce. ❤️

    • As always Patricia your words are so uplifting. I remember in my 20’s at a Bible conference, hearing a whole group of men singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’
      We were in prayer rooms before the service that night, women and men separated.
      The ‘sound’ of those men humbling themselve as little children singing it, still remains with me. May we stay humble as a little child. I Love you sis. ❤️

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