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  1. “with joy unspeakable and full of glory”

    Yes and Amen to your words!
    I would explain it as the inexpressible joy in the Lord comes when one is so filled with great thankfulness to God that it results in a deep inner joy which is impossible to explain to another person because it does not comes out as ‘laughter’.

    Of course one can ‘laugh’ but I would say that every laugh which has not its source from a loving and compassionate heart is from the evil one because I have also experienced that the Lord has humor, but God’s humor is never ironic or satiric as the worlds (so called) humor.
    God’s humor lifts up and encourages and strengthens faith which again births great thankfulness and – again – unspeakable joy!

    Now someone maybe says that they can not (also in difficult circumstances) feel great thankfulness to God and therefore they can not feel that joy.
    Thankfulness comes (only) as a direct result of obedience so therefore one must on individual basis seek the Lord diligently before one can begin to walk in the way He has prepared for every one individual.

    Even the disciples had diligently searched the Lord before they found Him:

    “We have found the Messias, John 1:41

    A joyful New Year in Christ to everyone!
    marie, sweden

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